Why rocker decided to commit suicide? “One of the reasons can be lack of sleep”

It took another two Grand a name for the world of rock music. Chris Cornell (Chris Cornell), known for his work in the collective, Audioslave, died suddenly in may this year at the age of 52 years. Two months later, died the lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington (ChesterBennington). He was 41 years old.

Last year death took many famous musicians. However, these last two cases differ from the others in that the artists decided to commit suicide.

Cornell committed suicide in a hotel in Detroit after an overdose of antidepressants. Bennington took his own life at home. Both hanged.

What made the deceased rockers to commit suicide? Both were famous musicians. They had families and children. It seemed that everything is in order.

“The main problems of rock stars could be ignored”

Rusholme Outi (Outi Ruishalme) knows about suicide a lot. She, the head of the crisis center of mental health of Finland, recently returned from the international conference on suicide prevention in Malaysia. The event, which is held every second year, suicide are discussed from different points of view.

Rusholme reads a lot about suicide rock musicians. According to her, self-destructive public figures studied not deep enough.

“A lot of people who committed suicide suffered from depression. Changed first life situation, and only then came the depression, or Vice versa? To prevent suicide it is important to notice the problem and time to help.”

Often musicians and actors, decided to commit suicide, was a drug addict. Drugs, alcohol, medication, or both. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington for many years struggled with drug addiction. Both, however, said that it ceased to use them.

Addiction and dependence on alcohol and was struggling Hollywood actor Robin Williams (Robin Williams), who committed suicide in 2014. Long-lasting self-destruction led to the death of Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse) and Whitney Houston (Whitney Houston) — though in their case we cannot speak about an intentional suicide.

“Drugs trying to numb the disappointment a bad life, and depression. However get the opposite effect. Drugs only increase the self-destruction,” says Rushall.

Many fame, which is the result of success, has a strong pressure that’s hard to handle. According to Rusholme, popularity can be an ordeal for the psyche.

“It’s easy to lose balance and go downhill. Even if the media attention will be positive new lifestyle can be very difficult. Popularity often drops and increases, it can be not only positive. Constant attention may not necessarily seem pleasant. Sometimes you want to just be left alone”.

Public men are not gods, and they, too, need to follow their basic needs. Whatever the troubled life of a rock star or not, need to sleep, eat right and be in the fresh air.

“Many studies have noted that insomnia also causes self-destruction of man. Insomnia is a very serious factor.”

The danger of imitation

A rock star in South Korea committed suicide by jumping off a skyscraper. In the media, this news became a sensation. Even published pictures of the corpse. This was followed by a wave of suicides among the fans. Since then many years have passed, and now in South Korea nothing like this happens.

For many young fans of musicians and actors can appear closer than family members. You can easily repeat the suicide of their idol.

“The celebrities a lot of fans, and their example can be followed by many. Especially if the suicide out the detail in the news, including about how it occurs. Then it may happen that around the world will begin a wave of suicides, which will last for a while.”

Outi Rusholme said that the suicide of a close may have an impact on his loved ones from six months to two years.

“Suicide injure loved ones of the dead and become a model of problem solving. It is therefore important that the family of the person who committed suicide, assisted”.

In Finland the number of suicides has decreased, although at international level the figures are still quite disappointing. In many countries of Europe there is a program on suicide prevention promoted by who. In Finland, the government pay to these recommendations little attention, despite the recommendations of the Society of mental health.

“Often raises the question of how Finland can simultaneously be one of the happiest countries in the world and a country with such a high suicide rate. We like to drink and often fall into depression. The Finns are so contradictory,” says Outi Rusholme.