Too pure water is dangerous to your health – scientists

Pure water can be harmful to health.Research specialists from the University of British Columbia revealed a link between drinking pure sterile water and an increased risk of developing asthma, says

Scientists have once again convinced that the contact with bacteria is necessary, because it has a strengthening effect on the human immune system.

The project scientists studied the health effects of environmental factors. In particular they were interested in the importance of such aspects as access to sterile water in children. Experts found that kids who had access to clean water, often fall victim to asthma arising in connection with the factor of sterility.

“It is considered that pure water is a necessary component of a healthy life. However, it is not so. Sterile clean water prevents children from contact with gut bacteria and increases the risk of development of asthma,” – such was the conclusion in the end, it was made by the authors of the study.

Scientists reported interesting features discovered by them during observations. It turned out that a marker of a high probability of developing asthma in a child is a fungus Pichia in the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers have documented that the activity of the fungus increased in those children who were fed sterile water devoid of any microorganisms.

Note that some earlier scientific studies have shown the usefulness of the finding of the organism in a not too clean environment. This time the experts also noted that the increased sterility has been repeatedly blamed for causing autoimmune diseases and asthma.