What habits will help get rid of wrinkles on neck

How to improve the condition of the neck skin, without resorting to expensive procedures, reports Sobesednik.ru.

Excess weight, sedentary lifestyle and the habit of walking with his head down adversely affect the appearance of the neck. And in fact it gives age. The main rule of beautiful skin is positive thinking. Inspire yourself daily that you are irresistible, you are unique and fascinating. Don’t focus on the problem area. People don’t perceive the details of your appearance and the image as a whole.

Magic gelatin

Once a week do a gelatin wrap. Mix equal amounts of water and gelatin (for example, a tablespoon), heat in a saucepan, add a tablespoon of milk and mix. When the mixture becomes like a puree, apply it on the neck and wrap film. After 30 minutes rinse with warm water without soap and lubricate the neck cream.

Don’t forget about massage

Often do massage with moisturizer. RUB the neck before the appearance of redness. Then stroking, moving from the ears to the chest (in one direction only!). Do the same with the back of his neck. Massage also chest area, moving from the center to the armpits.

Twice a day do gymnastics

Slowly, but with force, turn the head to the right and to the left, contract and relax the muscles of the neck. Hang the head down, then throw back ago.

Grasp the neck with his hands so that one was located above the other. Turn your head in different directions, trying to counter this by hand.

Sitting on a chair, lean your chin on his fists, trying to create resistance. Then lower your head on his chest, stretching his arms down, then with force push his head to left and right shoulders alternately. Hold each position for a minute.

Lying on her stomach, lay on the floor, fists on one another and lean on them a chin. Keep-keep in this position for a count of 30.

Healthy habits

1. Do not press your head to his chest, try to straighten your shoulders and pull your chin up while walking.

2. Don’t do anything in the prone position: do not read books, head down, not watching TV in an uncomfortable position.

3. Use for sleeping, a small low cushion.

4. Before bed to Pat the neck soaked in hot water with a towel, taking him over the edge. Then do the same with the cold towel.

5. After the massage, apply on the neck a mask of cucumber juice and potato, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse and moisturize the neck cream. If you have no cream, use a mixture of vegetable oil and sour cream or simply vegetable oil.

6. During the day, drink more water, eat fruits. This is not difficult, especially if the summer or fall.

7. Regularly use a neck mask out of fresh bananas or apples, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil.