The Finnish competition wearing wives got to Belarus

Finnish comic sport “carrying the wives” is of growing interest worldwide. July 23, the BBC published a video report on the conduct of such competitions in Belarus: on a warm summer day wearing wives competed 15 pairs.

“Have you ever wanted to try a new sport that would allow a little more time with the second half?” says in the video.

A couple kisses and starts. The woman on the head a helmet. She hangs upside down. Her feet are the husband upon his shoulders and he holds them firmly, while the upper body is behind him.

Video couples overcome muddy water obstacles and composed of tree barriers. At the finish line they are supported by a whole crowd of people.

You have to be strong, it is advisable to love water and not to get too distracted by stimuli — so are described in the report of the strong sides of the carrier member.

Many couples carefully prepare for competitions, and it’s not only about the moral training: the speech may be preceded by long training.

“We rehearsed a lot, chose the correct posture,” says in the video, the contestant Tatiana.

Interest in the competition has not dried up

Competition wearing wives appeared in Finland, in the municipality of Sonkajärvi, which belongs to the region of Upper Savo. The “father” of the competition Secretary for culture, community Sonkajärvi Pitkanen Eero (Eero Pitkänen) — says that the world Cup is held there annually for over 20 years. For Pitkanen not a surprise that the interest in this sport people are worldwide, but a recent contest in Belarus he had not heard.

He was very pleased that the wearing of wives is becoming more common: “In Ukraine the competitions were held many times, but the first time I hear Belarus”. It is assumed that formal competitions are held in different countries year round, and the winners participate in the world championship in Finland. According to Pitkanen, this sport has already caught on in the US, Australia, UK and China.

If the country want to organize a competition for carrying wives, then we must conclude the corresponding contract. Then the organizers of the world championship in Finland are rewarded, and competition in such country of official status.

The representatives of Belarus with Pitkanen not contacted, but that he was not upset. “It’s great that so many people are interested in this sport and that wearing wives compete around the world,” — said Pitkanen.

Minimum weight — how from the Finnish Miss universe

Pitkanen notes that competitions wearing wives as the sport significantly evolved. In the 90-ies of the last century, husbands carrying wives on the back like a backpack, and, in General, competition was more entertainment than sport. At some point wife participating became so small that organizers had to set a minimum weight.

“When Armi Kuusela (Armi Kuusela) won the contest “Miss universe”, she weighed 49 pounds. The weight we chose as a minimum. If the participant weighs less then her partner as a weighting issue with sand bags,” explains Pitkanen.

Have changed over the years and the competition venue. Initially, they were arranged in the forest or on the lawn, now sprint at 250 meters is held at a sports stadium. Overseas competitions are held on similar tracks with obstacles.

The legend of Ronkainen the robber brings in the exotic element

According to Pitkanen, although the competition and acquired a more professional character, and many of the participants are serious athletes, wearing wives still characterized by an atmosphere of joy and fun.

In 2017, the championship wearing wives in Riga was attended by a record number of couples over 50. “In addition to the opportunity to have fun, people are attracted to Finland legend,” says Pitkanen, referring to the story of Ronkainen the robber.

On the web site of the championship you can find a detailed story about a native Sonkajärvi Ronkainen Herman (Herman Ronkainen), which is hunted armed raids. Ronkainen was a big gang that carried out raids in Karelia. If someone wanted to challenge the leader, that is Ronkainen, he had to bypass it in the competition on the run. In this case, the rebel had the whole race to drag on a shoulder a bag full of rye. A thief himself once showed his strength and to his wife: furious, he threw it over his shoulder and carried into the woods.

In this long story are true and what is fiction remains unknown, however, it is clear that Ronkainen the robber makes foreigners keen interest.

“The exotic element inspires the participants, besides the legend creates a link between competition and community with its history,” explains Pitkanen.