As without problems to cross the Polish border: documents and helpful information

How to cross the Polish border without problems, worries absolutely everyone who goes to a neighboring country. Especially going through those who are sent to Poland for the first time. To avoid trouble, misunderstandings and feel confident, you need to prepare for the meeting with the border guards in advance, collect all required documents and their time to produce reports

In this article we will tell you what you’ll need for crossing the border with Poland.


The first thing to take care is to collect all the necessary documents, which may require border guard. In particular, this:

• foreign passport;

• visa (if you’re on the biometric passport);

• invitation from the employer (if eating in).

If you cross the border by car, in addition to the foreign passport with a visa, you will need to show:

• certificate for the vehicle;

• insurance for the driver operating abroad (it is also called a “Green Card” with a bright-green color of insurance);

• a notarized power of attorney that allows you to travel outside of the country (if the vehicle does not belong to you);

• directions, where you are listed as the vehicle driver, in case you go to service transport, registered to a company or a legal entity.

How to behave on the Polish border

Approaching the Polish border it is important to remember a few simple but important rules. To violate them is not recommended, as it is fraught with fines of different sizes. It should be remembered that:

• On the border is strictly prohibited to take pictures or shoot video. If doing this you will catch the customs officer, the camera you have will be removed, the material he deleted, and the offender can be fined.

• Rules of the road should unswervingly fulfilled. Do not ignore barriers and signs, but if in spite of it all, it is not recommended to argue with a border guard: if you admit guilt, and promise to continue to be attentive, then, most likely, will get off with only a warning. Starting to prove his innocence, risking to pay a fine of not less than 150 PLN if to convince of his innocence will fail.

• Turn on the border is always annoying. Buses and taxis pass it relatively quickly, but private cars can linger for hours. It is very important to remember that to get out of the car for a smoke or to the toilet you can only on the Ukrainian side (and then, particularly around the border areas you will not be allowed), and on the Polish side you do not have the right to exit the vehicle. Therefore, all cases have to be solved in advance. Despite the many nuances, crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border is not such a complicated procedure as it might seem.

Actually, problems will arise if you don’t break the rules, behave appropriately and have on hand the necessary documents.