Education reform: schools are looking for people without teaching experience

In Ukraine, want to improve the quality of secondary education through new people of different profession and education. How to work new teachers and that it will change in education, learned “Segodnaya“.

The solution to the problem of lack of teachers

According to the organization “Teach for Ukraine”, every fifth teacher – close to retirement age. Due to the fact that graduates of pedagogical universities do not want to work in schools, not enough teachers of English, Informatics, mathematics, and other areas, especially in rural areas. This affects the level of training of graduates. So, our country’s quality of education ranked 56th in the world.

“The average results of testing of graduates of villages and towns differ by 12 points. The program will affect school groups, to motivate students and involve their parents. And the result is to significantly improve education,” says President of the Foundation for Western NIS Fund Enterpris jaroslawa Johnson.

In new technologies the students understand more than the teacher. To close the gap, schools need to attract talented and enterprising young people, said Director General of “Microsoft Ukraine” Nadezhda Vasilyeva. Children need new approaches to learning. The Ministry of education together with the organization “Teach for Ukraine” with the aim of solving the problem launches to attract schools of people who have never worked in the field of education. This model operates in 40 countries and was first introduced in 1990 in the United States. So, after eight years of a similar programme in Britain with the weakest schools in the London performance of students in these schools has doubled,” – noted in the organization.

It will be the “change agents” in education, says program coordinator WNISEF and a member of the Supervisory Board of “Teach for Ukraine” Andriy sorohan.

The same program in the past year started in Armenia. According to Director and founder of the Armenian project of Larissa Hovanisian, students were more likely to walk to school and academic performance has increased in two times.

“At first there was a fear that the teaching staff of the school to will react negatively to teachers who have no education or experience in the field of teaching. But fortunately, our fears were not a reality. Within a short period our teachers become an integral part of the school community. With regard to local communities, our members – a real gift for them. They brought a new spirit into tired of rural life. Our members organize events, actively involved in community life, contribute to its development. All of our teachers have extended hours, which are devoted to the development of various skills among students: the circle of leadership, dance class, theater and literary clubs and other”, – said Larisa Hovanisian.

New teachers will receive a salary and a stipend

Selected program participants will undergo intensive teaching and leadership training – a six-week training course “Summer Institute”. In addition to the rates of the teacher participants in the project will receive a scholarship and participate in the world wide web Tearch for All, to complete training courses on leadership and personal growth. “It’s more personal development programme in addition to teacher’s work,” said sorohan.

New teachers will teach one of the subjects on the programme of the Ministry, but to use innovative techniques that will help the organization.

“Program participants will receive methodological support from the mentors of our organization. They are members of the teaching staff and teach one of the subjects – in fact, no different from a regular teacher,” says Andrew sorohan.

New teachers will distribute to the district and village schools of three pilot regions: Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv. Therefore, the project participants need to be prepared to move with it in organizations also promise to help. “We plan to send two members to the school. It will be about 20 schools in three areas. In most cases this will be the district centers and villages,” adds sorohan.

According to co-founder of the organization, the material base of the school is less important than the quality of the teacher: “it is Important how the teacher attracts the attention of the class, personal example is more important than material resources. Will choose the schools that stand in the way of development, with an average resource base. We will magnifies such participants.”

In addition to teaching children, the project participants will develop teachers, conduct workshops, search for school grant projects for innovation.

Who can participate in reform school

The selection of participants of the project begins February 10 and will end on 1 April 2017. A new teacher can be anyone regardless of their sphere of activities, main – education below the bachelor’s level. Also, the program participant must be familiar with one of the school subjects, have leadership qualities and be able to find a common language with children.

The project will select 45 participants. You can register on the project website. To select new teachers will be in several stages: on Skype and in the Centre of the assessment. Afterwards the participants will undergo a six-week Summer training Institute. From 1 September 2017, they will begin to work in schools.

“Project “Teach for Ukraine” very promising, he will help us to approach and to integrate the school and community. People who are not involved in the education system will be a breath of fresh air will be able to look at the problems of the school on the other side. While the Ministry of education develops a new concept of pedagogical education, which is necessary for the reform implementation of the “New Ukrainian school”. The experience of the people who will be the project will be able to give ideas for changes in the training of teachers in the future” – said the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich.