Almost 700 flights canceled at Berlin’s airports due to the strike

The ground personnel at Berlin airports, “Tegel” and “schönefeld” staged a strike, which led to the cancellation of 650 flights, writes on Friday the German newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost”.

In particular, interruptions in air transportation have affected 455 flight in the “Tegel” and 204 – in the “Schenefeld”. It is expected that the protest will continue until 5:00 Saturday local time.

The organizer of the protests was the trade Union Verdi, whose members are demanding higher wages and better working conditions to 2 thousand of ground staff personnel.

As notes the edition, many flights diverted to airports other German cities – Dresden, Leipzig and Hanover.

Previously, the trade Union Verdi had already staged a strike with similar demands, which took place in February of this year.