Three of the most useful plants

Since ancient times people knew that many plants are able to heal, and appealed to him for help. Therefore, man instinctively tried to move to his home a piece of nature. And in our time, scientists found that many plants that decorate apartments and offices, function as “cleaners” of the air, according to

One of the most useful houseplants is Chlorophytum. For air purification in a room of about 20 square meters is enough for 6 specimens of plants.

Chlorophytum. Photo:

The leaves of Chlorophytum have the ability to absorb toxic substances secreted synthetic finishing materials, and also contained in combustion gas, formaldehyde, sulphur and nitrogen compounds. Therefore, this plant will be very appropriate in the kitchen with a gas stove, and living room. The ability to absorb formaldehyde and other toxic substances also have the ivy, Spathiphyllum, dracaena, hamedoreya.

The same function performs the ficus. In addition to the saturation of air with oxygen, humidification and purification of toxins, it allocates phytoncides that inhibit the activity of microorganisms. The gloss of its leaves holds a lot of dust, and when washing or wiping the leaves it is easily removed. Because the ficus produces oxygen in the daytime, and absorb – at night, put a pot of this plant in the bedroom, and especially in the nursery, is not recommended. Perfect habitat for it – the kitchen or a room with Windows facing the industrial area or the freeway.

Ficus. Photo:

Undemanding plant sansevieriya, called “Teschin language” or “snakeskin” is considered to be an oxygen generator. Sansevieriya helps the human body to adapt to changing conditions, increasing its immunity.

Sansevieriya. Фото

Thus it protects from colds, and reduces the harmful effects of changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. Protects it from toxins and synthetic linoleum.

Geranium. Photo:

Geranium serves as the “family doctor” in functional disorders of the nervous system. The aroma of geranium relieves nervous tension, helps with insomnia, nervousness, stress, and cancer. Allocated to its substance geraniol has antiviral and antibacterial effects, kills viruses staphylococci and streptococci. And pelargonium as if “sucks” carbon monoxide and damp, repels flies, and freshens stale air. Therefore, in addition to the bedrooms, it is well suited for the kitchen.