Putin has not congratulated Finland with the centenary of independence

Many Finnish experts on Russia in advance talked about how President Vladimir Putin will congratulate Finland, which marks the centenary of independence.

Then, as the leader of the major powers will Express their thoughts, could give an idea of how the President relates to a small neighboring country.

Press conference in Savonlinna on July 27, lasted a long time, but congratulations never sounded. According to the researcher, Putin missed a great opportunity.

“Congratulating Finland, Putin would have earned himself a lot of points. He would have won, even if just praised Finland”, says Hanna Smith, researcher of the Alexander Institute.

Why Putin has not congratulated the Finns?

Smith could name many reasons why Putin did it.

“Maybe he wanted to show that Finland should not expect from Russia any special treatment.”

Smith also recalls that Putin arrived on an ordinary worker, not an official state visit. This is also important. To congratulate Finland till December 6.

“If Putin does not congratulate Finland and the independence Day of the country, then it will be serious,” said researcher Smith.