In Ukraine there will be new ways to choose the heads of state companies

Nominating Committee since September will start to choose the Directors and members of Supervisory boards of state companies and secret vote of 9 Ministers. This was announced by economic development Minister Stepan Kubiv column on the “Economic truth”.

According to the Minister, therefore, will be minimized the human factor: in the autumn of candidates approved by a majority of votes 9 Ministers, subject to Advisory votes 8 representatives of IFIs, international experts on corporate governance.

“This reduces the risk of human error and helps us to neutralize the possible political influence of the concerned Minister,” – said Kubiv.


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“Now the Committee’s decisions shall be taken by secret ballot to nullify the political influence of its members. At the same time, representatives of international organizations will present a dissenting opinion to the government, which makes the final decision on appointment or assignment,” added the Minister.

Previously the decision was made by an open vote of five Ministers.