Gordon (Ukraine): “I’m a Slav, not Ukrainian”. Olga Kurylenko on the Day of Victory over fascism spoke about the DNA test

Hollywood actress Olga Kurylenko on his page on Instagram on may 8 published a post on the occasion of Victory Day over fascism in the Second world war. “With the victory Day, Europe! And for our future victory,” wrote the actress. The post it accompanied by a picture of his son, paint the red stars cardboard tank.


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Happy Victory in Europe Day! And for our tomorrow’s Victory Day! _______________________________________________________ #May 9 #of stampabili #VictoryInEuropeDay

Publication from Olga Kurylenko (@olgakurylenkoofficial) 8 May 2020 8:53 PDT


On questions users of Instagram, who believes Kurylenko “our”, she replied that all the countries of the former USSR who fought in the Second world war. “To don’t list, I wrote “our”. So in short”, she explained. a statement that Kurylenko, as a Ukrainian, I consider “our” Russia, the actress said that is not a Ukrainian. “I’m not a Ukrainian, a Slav,” said the actress.

Then she explained that there is no such nationality. “I just told the truth. Nationality is determined by blood, right? Now, I’m not 100% Ukrainian. A DNA test showed that Ukrainian blood in me at all. Sorry. I actually, still. But test showed. I was surprised,” — said the actress.

Later, Kurylenko said in Instagram that she loves Ukraine. “The last time I will write and no one else I will not answer! I don’t have time to sit in Instagram. First, learn to read. When it says congratulations, it means just what it says, and nothing more!” she said. According to Kurylenko, she never said he doesn’t like Ukraine.

“[You will find] not a word about the fact that I don’t like the Ukrainians, not a word about the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine (about what and speeches were not), not a word about communism, etc. etc. All is your imagination! Once you so important to know my opinion, you could just ask and I would answer: I love Ukraine and her people! And congratulations on the victory of their concerns, as Ukraine was part of Soviet Union during the war!” — she assured.

According to the actress, what DNA test did not show in her Ukrainian blood, it’s just a statement of fact. “I do not care what is in me blood. I’m not a racist! I’m all blood (and skin colors) are treated with love. But if you have awakened automatically hate me just because of the fact that I have no Ukrainian blood, it says a lot about you. Hate people for their ethnicity is called racism. And in the civilized world, as far as I know, racism is prosecuted,” said she.

Olga Kurylenko was born in 1979 in Berdyansk city of Zaporizhzhya region. At the age of 16 went to work in Paris as a model. The most famous films with the actress — “Paris, I love you,” “quantum of solace”, “Max Payne”, “Mar”, “the Man who killed don Quixote”, “the Death of Stalin”, “Obnoxious macho”.