How much should you walk per day to lose weight

Many erect a walk to the rank of a real panacea that can cure the body of most diseases, both existing and possible. You mean that not all reports

Surprisingly, many conversations about the benefits of walking beginning with this issue. Rather, it is for this and willing to walk the walk not so much. Remember that to lose weight you need to walk is no ordinary stroll, and so, if you are in a hurry for the last train, and in another home not to get.

To start the mechanism of weight reduction, the average speed of walking should be at the level of 6 kilometers per hour. Walking at this pace should not a few minutes, and at least half an hour. Recreational walking or walking for weight loss is a complete exercise, which you should throw in the pot. With this approach, there is a real chance to throw a few pounds in a month without sports hall, simulators and other equipment that is used by athletes.

If the walking speed is lower then the person in the best case will be a little tougher, and at worst you will get tired and will quit doing, not feeling a positive effect.

For weight loss, the more you go, the better. Importantly, your muscles have been actively working, accelerated heart rate and perspiration flowed in streams. By the way, professional athletes are the walkers for every 50 kilometers walk to lose up to 5 pounds of weight, that is, you have to strive for.