Seven types of men who never marry

Saying to marry his possible for any man, it is only necessary to find an approach to it. However, there are those in which there is no manipulation – they never go to the registry office, writes

Type 1. Not ready for a serious relationship

This phrase for it – the wand, he tells it whenever you start talking about getting married or even moving in together. Moreover, the experience of your novel plays no role. Don’t be fooled: not in a year or in ten years he will not change. And on the threshold of old age he will tell you with aplomb: “I’m not ready for a serious relationship!”.

Type 2. In the eternal search

You pretty and smart, and for some time he even thought you were the perfect woman. But then it turned out that something is wrong. For example, you do not shave my legs. Or laughing, grunting. Or do not know how to cook Peking duck. In short, you have a flaw. And your man immediately begins to look around in search of a different, really perfect women. Small remark: usually, the types who wish to have wives, the perfect woman for yourself Oh how far from the image of the perfect man.

3. A confirmed bachelor

He is almost 50, but he never was married and, it seems, believes that is not yet ripe for marriage. He is afraid that his wife come back into his cozy life as a bachelor and something about her will change, at least curtains on the Windows.

Type 4. The victim of unrequited love

He still remembers his ex, loves her and you carefully enumerates those wrongs, which she put to him. Any little thing can trigger a memory of a past love and a long time to bring him out of balance. Make no mistake: in you he sees only a shoulder to cry on. You as a person and as a woman, a little concerned.

Type 5. Ambitious

He’s for marriage, but only after it becomes the head (will receive a diploma, will take top position). If this condition is met, it will immediately nominate another.

His typical phrase: “Baby, you have to wait a bit. Because no limit to perfection, especially perfection, no, you run the risk of waiting for proposals of marriage before retirement.

Type 6. Mama’s son

His favorite mommy knows best what is good and what is bad. She willingly puts up with fleeting girlfriends son, but immediately takes a battle stance as soon as the offspring introduces him with a decent lady. And, it appears, is satisfied with the situation, because you can always tell a woman: “I would willingly have married, but the mother…”.

Type 7. Fan

This is a man for whom there is only his passion, whatever it may be: science, rock climbing, writing music. All the rest simply don’t care. In principle, he would not mind to get hold of free home cook and laundress, which would have provided him domestic comfort, but he is unlikely to dare to offer, because this will distract from the butterflies collection.