In Crimea it is evil

It does not post to FB. This is a personal letter. I sent my friend who lives in Ukraine. He went to the Crimea. Wrote. Asked for permission to publish, without specifying the name.


“Hello Lena! Going by bus from Simferopol at the checkpoint, then walk across the border into Ukraine. Held in the Crimea a few days. I want to share. Just can’t not share! Know — understand. Sad in Crimea… I am Amazed how people absorb the habits and attitude of each other. Persons of Crimea changed with the advent of “spring”. Sullen, unfriendly. The man from the side it is noticeable. Aggression oozes even from the foam of the costumes of cartoon characters at an amusement Park. Local TV is a propaganda hell. Infintessimal people. Most don’t want to think. Encouraged snitching. All children’s toy cars on the waterfront of Sevastopol — it tanks! Children play on torpedoes, air defense systems and old vehicles. Red flags amid the Golden domes of the Symphony. Cops and police body — all from the mainland. Ideologically. In Armyansk, a town 2 km from the checkpoint — the devastation and poverty.


Filling — the center of night life. Local begging in buses. Visitors throwing stones at the stray dogs on the waterfront of Alushta. Evil has come to the Crimea. The worst of the evils that pretends to be good. And fear… I’m wiped out and devastated. Seen the local underground. People live without passports. Need neither Russia nor Ukraine. Bitter and painful for them! Bold, appropriate people. A lot of unknown information. Disappeared without a trace, dozens of them in the Crimea, if not hundreds. No one talks about it. Selected land and property. Repression, false criminal cases. Kidnapping! This is not the Donbass war, and the type of “legal g-in”! All this against the background of absolute conformity of the majority. Including a considerable part of the Tatars. Many were disappointed in the “Russian spring”, but sit quietly in holes…”


Perhaps there are people who see Crimea differently. Sea, sun, holiday guzzle ice cream and happy children in Artek sing loudly around the campfire. But here. It is very sad.