Trump converted into a baby with a full diaper

Greenpeace activists set in Hamburg, where the summit of “Big twenty”, the statue of U.S. President Donald trump in the form of a crying baby. This is stated in the message on the organization’s website.

Judging by the photos, baby sitting on earth in a crowded diaper. In his hands he has broken the Paris agreement on climate change. Thus, the activists urge that the provisions of this document are fulfilled.

Seven-meter sculpture made of papier-mâché mounted on a pontoon on the river Elbe opposite the Philharmonic, where the concert for G20 leaders. On the banner at the base of the statue is written: “Time of changes”.

“The rest of the G20 leaders can’t wait for Donald trump to grow up,” commented Karsten SMID (Karsten Smid), an expert on climate Greenpeace in Germany. “The country needs G19 (…) to reaffirm its decision to leave the coal, oil and gas behind,” he said.

According to the organization, since then, trump has announced the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement, some of the G20 countries expressed support for the document. “But now, words must turn into actions”, — stated in a press release.

In Germany, argues Greenpeace, the amount of CO2 emissions remains as high as in 2009. This is due to the fact that coal is widely used for the production of electricity, although, as stressed by the organization, use of renewable energy sources cheaper.

In June, trump announced that the USA is out of the Paris climate agreement. The President of the United States called it disadvantageous for the country and promised that will achieve the best “deal”.