Arnold Schwarzenegger so excited about your dream car — from the electric car

If you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first thing that comes to mind is unlikely to be connected with the protection of nature. Former Terminator, former Governor and now host of the TV programme “the Apprentice” (Apprentice) is better known because of his huge muscles, his cocky star roles in the 80-ies and the characteristics of their lifestyle.

However, after the control state of California Arnold Schwarzenegger became (literally) a big supporter of technology in the field of clean energy, especially in regard to electric vehicles. And when the Austrian company Kreisel engaged in the manufacture of electric batteries, is equipped with a huge SUV with a new electric motor, Arnold, not surprisingly, was there with his compatriots during the world premiere of this iron “horse”.

The vehicle itself is massive and rugged G-class Mercedes Benz, which is also called gelendvagen. Usually it’s a car that consumes a large amount of gasoline — the 2016 model year on one gallon of gasoline (4 litres) can travel about 20 kilometers (13 miles).

However, with an electric motor, this G-class car on a single charge is able to cover a distance of 300 kilometers (186 miles). According to representatives of the company Kreisel, especially impressive thing is that its rechargeable batteries are charged 80% in just 25 minutes.

Electric g is capable of speeds up to 183 kilometers per hour (133 mph) and it accelerates to from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.6 seconds is three seconds faster than his standard version. That is, he became more aggressive, though, and has zero emissions.

According to representatives of the company Kreisel, Shwarzenegger at home in Los Angeles will also get access to the prototype G-350 EV. In it, he will travel many miles to the Studio for the filming of the program “the Apprentice,” which will help Austrian companies to Refine the technology and the Schwarzenegger might allow you to escape from unflattering remarks from the President of the United States.