Why trump recalls the intervention of Ukraine in the elections?

Donald trump today in his Twitter complained that the US attorney General not investigating the case of the intervention of Ukraine in the American elections. They say that these worked for Hillary, and there is no investigation, but the intervention of Russia all say and even investigate. In the US, nobody really does the Ukrainian intervention. But why is trump for the second time this focuses?

Obviously if congressmen and prosecutors will argue that Russia’s intervention in the election was, it will fundamentally undermine the position of the trump. Yeah, and now everyone is talking openly, but in a country where the law is honored, and the proof is — above all else, only the final response of investigation will put an end to the issue. And then it may be that win trump’s fake. The US President chose not Americans, but enemies. And no matter what trump’s program what it does: the law is the law. Now in Congress are talking about impeachment, and imagine what will happen there, if Robert Mueller will prove that the Russians hacked into the system and affect the final result.

The team of trump, in fact, two out of the situation — to prove his innocence and innocence to all this or move everything to the absurd, to smooth out the scale. Obviously, the work goes in both directions. And thesis about the intervention of Ukraine in elections on the side of Clinton — this is an attempt to smooth over the scandal. Trump clearly points out: even if Ukraine intervened in the election, then Russia could theoretically, and even China or other countries. That is, instead of the electoral consequences don’t you preventing this in the future. And forget about Russia, because you have here a thoroughfare, and each country can affect the result. Besides, they stood up not only for trump, but for Hillary. So, it is not necessary to question the validity of the election of billionaire President.

Yes, if such a campaign to disperse in the media, it would have smoothed over the scandal. Maybe even take a shot directly from trump. However, the American President is the bad news — the mainstream media in the U.S. do not sympathize with him, and congressmen believe that Russia is the enemy (Yes, the image of the Kremlin in the U.S. in recent years has evolved from a potential partner to five minutes to the enemy), and Ukraine is the victim of aggression, it is logical to maintain. And even if the prosecution would prove the intervention of Kiev (and I’m sure that even before the investigation, the case will not reach), any tangible consequences for Ukraine, it would not have had.
Because the trump, because Russia. This contrast is to save Ukraine, not cool. Yes, the White house, Poroshenko probably already reprimanded, perhaps related to this is the revision aid to Ukraine, but globally nothing has changed, because the United States Congress is not a Parliament, and he has authority.

Therefore remains a Trump to put pressure on morality from time to time to raise this issue, Recalling its existence in a permanent conflict with the Congress. This is not the first case when the White house heard these statements, however, each time the media are slow to react to this, as are congressmen. Will be so this time. And dodgy journalists who feel antipathy to the President could turn this post against it. Suffice it to write that trump is trying to deflect a blow from Putin, and America will not discuss useless attempts of Ukraine to help Clinton, and conspiratorial speculation that Putin has inspired Trump at a secret meeting in Hamburg about the dominance of Russian spies in the United States and concessions to Putin in Syria. Such a trend now popular in America. Because there is Russia, which became the image of the enemy is the Ukraine, which is not even heard, and those who have heard, know about the plight of the war with the separatists, which Russia itself supports. This fly will not bite anyone. Double standards, you say. Yeah, probably so. But in American law there is no guidance what to do in such cases, it will be a precedent, and now this whole mess is a purely political process. And in politics, double standards are nothing new.


In the beginning of the year the American edition of Politico released an article where he pointed out that Ukraine intervened in the American elections and is now suffering from it. Now this thesis it is possible to change a little — Ukraine intervened in the American elections and now it is used to settle scores. I do not need to worry, because any mention of Ukraine in Twitter trump — is free advertising, which will see hundreds of millions of people. It’s not every day the leader of the most powerful countries of the world, says Ukraine is so powerful, he influenced elections in the United States.