What to drink to cheer myself up: products that replace coffee

In the morning, to keep all accustomed with coffee. But, not to drink coffee all day, if you feel that the energy is not enough.

It turns out that not only is there a lot of alternative drinks that have the same effect as coffee, but a lot of foods that can help you feel fitter and more energetic, reports Lisa.


Puer is a tea that is a great alternative to strong coffee. Well invigorates and stimulates the nervous system. If you have not slept well or you have long trip driving, the best beverage that improves attention and alertness. The main thing — it should not drink before going to sleep, otherwise, insomnia is provided.

PU-erh tea is of two types — black (Shu), more robust, and green (Shen) — subtle hints.

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Feature: PU-erh tea to drink between meals. The tea suppresses appetite so, it is with great pleasure drink women when dieting. PU-erh tea also cleans the body of toxins. This tea is called tea of youth and beauty, it improves the bowels, and the skin acquiring a fresh and healthy appearance.


St. John’s wort, willow herb, ginseng, chicory not only give strength and energy, they also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and overall health of the body. As PU-erh eliminate the feeling of hunger.

The spices and juices

At low pressure to quickly come in tone will help products such as cocoa, black tea, spicy, smoked dishes, semolina, spices. From chronic fatigue and lack of sleep will help all kinds of cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, beans and potatoes. And pomegranate or orange juice not only cheer, but also fills the body with vitamins.