Scientists have discovered a hormone that predicts premature death

Researchers from New Zealand found in the human body hormone which has the function of predicting death. Doctors clarify that in this case refers to the premature death of a person that has a connection with the deviations in the engine body, says “Orthodox”.

Scientists have found that the cause of death from heart failure in half of the cases is the dynamics of certain hormones, mainly peptide, which belongs to the C-type. The compounds mainly responsible for the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Within the study, the researchers examined hospital records of over 2,000 patients who were taken to hospital as a result of a heart attack. It is noted that in most cases attempts by doctors to save life were unsuccessful.

The result was that in the blood of more than half of the patients it was detected an excessive amount of a peptide C-class, which adversely affects the activity of the heart.