Putin — “a dog person” with experience

Dog Vladimir Putin — gifts from the first state. Connie — the most famous dog in Russia.

“My master takes me to work. On his nice carpet to sleep. Try it and you! I’m sure you will enjoy it,” writes English Labrador, Connie, in his book Conny’s Stories (“the history of the Connie”).

The owner Connie, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, appears in the book quite a strict man. However, the President has and soft traits that are known only to his “inner circle”. Vladimir Putin likes dogs.

Now pochivshaya Connie was a gift to Putin from the Minister of emergency situations Sergei Shoigu. He congratulated Putin on his victory in the presidential election in 2000. Connie was not only a loyal friend of Putin for 15 years, but the most famous dog in Russia.

In the comics magazine “Ogonyok” Connie acts as adviser to Putin. In the book “History Connie” the dog talks about his life and the life of his master Russian children who learn English language. There is a theory that the dog got his nickname in honor of the former Secretary of state Condoleezza rice (Condoleezza Rice).

Now Putin has two dogs: a good-natured Bulgarian shepherd dog Buffy and a little bit hot-tempered Akita inu Yume. Putin also received a gift. Buffy Putin gave Prime Minister Boyko Borisov seven years ago, when Putin was on a visit in Bulgaria. Putin the puppy liked it from the first sight. Putin kissed the dog on the forehead in front of the cameras, who filmed the visit.

Dog breed Akita inu arrived in the Kremlin from Japan. So the country wanted to Express their gratitude for the assistance received from Russia in the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake off the East coast of Honshu island in 2011.
From one dog Putin refused. Last year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wanted to give Putin a second dog breed Akita inu before a bilateral meeting in Japan.

During the meeting a decision was made on economic cooperation on the four contentious participants will form groups, which the Soviet Union seized from Japan in 1945.

Putin’s two dogs were enough.

The gift was impolite to refuse, so Putin decided to appease Japan “diplomacy of dogs.”
Yume entered the room for a press conference with Putin and demonstrated Japanese journalists your skills: for example, grabbed the treat, standing on hind legs.

Putin — “a dog person” with the experience, but not the most responsible owner. Ten years ago Putin took Connie to a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), who is afraid of dogs. Putin and Merkel discussed in Sochi the various controversial issues, for example, talked about Europe’s energy security and the future status of Kosovo. Russia opposed Kosovo’s independence, which was supported by Germany and other EU countries.

Merkel, who was once bitten by a dog, was nervous due to the fact that the room was running Connie. Involved in the Affairs of world politics, friendly and joyful Connie had against my nature to engage in the bullying of others.

“I don’t want my master to be angry with me or upset with me. I like when he’s pleased with me,” — says the Horses in his book.