Apricots and apples found the cure for cancer scientists

American scientists have proved that vitamin B17, also called laetrile, contributes to the destruction of cancer cells. It contains apricots, peaches, almonds, and apples. The results of the study the scientists published in the journal Health reports “Orthodox”.

Vitamin B17 was discovered 40 years ago. Many scientists already knew about its medicinal properties, but did not suspect that it can beat cancer. Amygdalin, present in the seeds of many plants, can destroy tumor to affect cancer cells. In some countries, this substance was prohibited, while the American scientists decided to find out the truth about vitamin B17.

To do this, they conducted a series of studies on laboratory mice infected with cancer. In the diet of each rodent were included apricots and apples. 2 months later, scientists took readings and was diagnosed with a decrease in the area of brain damage. Now scientists have to find out what is the concentration of a substance will not harm a person. This is stated in the scientific journal Health.