The week’s events: the version of the readers — the birth of “the Ukraine”, new details on the downed “Boeing” and major losses to the ATO

This week our readers were interested in the announcement Zakharchenko about the making of “the Ukraine”, new details on the downed over Donbass Malaysian Boeing, and followed by the reports of major losses ZSU in the area of ATO. At the same time, they missed the message about the deterioration of the demographic situation in the country and the failure of the IMF requirements on the introduction of a land market.

This week our readers have watched with interest as, over the continuing for the third year of the war in the Donbas, emerged a new flourish. The leader of “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko announced the establishment of a “new state Ruthenia”, which, he said, should be “the successor to the Ukraine.”

For this “brilliant” idea, the capital of the new “the promised land” is, of course, Donetsk. Kiev plays the role of “historical and cultural center”. The official language will be two Russian and little Russian…. What this creature is, I don’t know, but as they say, what a country this language. According to Zakharchenko, the fake state will even be the Constitution and own flag. The truth, stolen from Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Not had that miscarriage inflamed brain census of hawthorn Sasha Zakharchenko born, as he immediately began to bury all the accomplices of the “leader” of the neighboring bandit gangs. For example, in another prosperous young Republic called “LNR” declared that participation in the meeting on the establishment of “little” is not accepted. Moreover, Carpenter said, was not even aware that bright ideas, and the question with them is not consistent.

Did not support the initiative Zakharchenko and the representative of “DNR” in Minsk, Denis Pushilin, said that the idea of creating a “little” controversial and ambiguous. In the Kremlin, at least in public, also made a surprise appearance and refused to take delivery of another mutant, which at the Russian border and so have produced enough. At first, officially, over the curb, no one commented, however, according to sources of Russian media close to the administration of the Russian President, Zakharchenko’s statement was a surprise for the Kremlin in General, and for supervising the Ukrainian direction of Vladislav Surkov, in particular.

In Kiev this statement provoked a strong reaction. At an informal level, the Ukrainians openly mocked another nonsense from the militants, the official didn’t hide the irritation, and did not hesitate in expressions. The common theme is that it is a violation of the Minsk agreements, but we are not afraid, because buried “new Russia”, bury another “debilnosti” the words of Turchinov.

But behind all this is felt anxiety, caused, apparently, not well understood, at this point, the explanation of the statement Zakharchenko and who is behind it still stands. It’s one thing if it really is his personal initiative. Another thing, if this is the beginning of some regular operations on the federalization of Ukraine and itaiwan it these pseudo-republics in the special conditions.

By the way, Surkov himself, who, according to Russian media, allegedly did not know about the initiative Zakharchenko, in the end, commented on the idea of the birth of “little” is very interesting. According to him, the whole story about the “imaginary state Malorossiya” generally useful, because it gives impetus to the development of a “broad domestic debate.” It is not entirely clear — whether the Surkov is trying to make a good mine at bad game, thus attempting to divert attention from the fact that his puppet is getting out of control and trying to play my game, whether it was really done with it, Surkov, and feed it, so trying to play the new maps.

In General, theories about the reasons for the introduction into political discourse the topic of creating “little” quite a lot. From the beginning of the realization of the next stage in the transformation of Ukraine into a Confederation with the inclusion of “LDNR” — to the banal attempts to divert attention from the next anniversary date of downed Russian in the Donbass Malaysian Boeing. I think it will clear up before mid-autumn. If the subject will continue to evolve and will be made concrete steps, so this is the Kremlin’s initiative. If it stops, left to live only in folklore and Zakharchenko, as a punishment for Amateur ride in any lift, so it was all a figment of his sick imagination.

Incidentally, on the subject of death of “Boeing”, which our readers also paid attention: this week marks three years since then, as in the sky above the Donbass plane crash provoked by the shot of the Russian “Beech”,and claimed the lives of 298 people.

To mark the anniversary of the tragedy of the international expert journalistic investigative group is Bellingcat published a report summarising evidence of involvement in the Pro-Russian militants in the Donbas and refute the most well-known alternative versions put forward by Russia bla-bla-bla for this tragedy.

Also became known new details of the final report on the results of the technical investigation of the security Council of the Netherlands (DSB), published in October 2015. It turned out that on the night of July 17, 2014, Russia effectively closed the airspace on the border with Ukraine in the area of responsibility of Rostov zonal center, typing restrictions for civil aircraft at altitudes less than 16 thousand 150 meters, which is comparable to the maximum height of the destruction of the SAM “Buk”. But after 17 hours and 20 minutes after that, was hit Malaysian liner. Restrictions were imposed “for safety”, as their reason was stated “the fighting in the Ukraine near the state border of the Russian Federation and the facts of firing from the territory of the Ukraine towards the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Observers in the media noted that at the time the fighting took place for several months, however, Russia was concerned about it for some reason in the night of July 17. “That is, up to this point the Ukrainian “Buk” in the area of ATO our control service air traffic was not interested, but with zero hours zero minutes and 17 July, they suddenly become deadly. Few months, they stood calmly in ATO area, but suddenly in the night of July 17 they (according to Russia) was going to shoot in the direction of the border of Russian airspace. And as soon as Russia to this (in advance!) got ready, then “some” Buk shoots down passenger airliner — do you believe in such a striking coincidence?!”, — asks the journalist of the Russian “Forbes”.

For attentive readers who are interested in why I said earlier about the “new details”, referring to the report of 2015, will explain. By itself, the report on the results of the technical investigation of the security Council of the Netherlands is quite large and complex document, which raises a lot of questions, including about the closure of the uncovered air space. Naturally, all this was free for a long time, but became known to a wider audience just now. To these issues, few people realize, because many interesting things are at the end of the report, buried under a pile of numbers, technical details and bureaucratic language.

Another subject which has excited our readers, was the message of a major daily loss of the APU in the area ATO. First became aware of the undermining on Wednesday evening three of our soldiers on an unknown explosive device near the village of Novotoshkivske, three more were wounded. And on Thursday night the militants fired first with mortars, then small arms reference point 128 teams. As a result, from a sniper’s bullet killed the Sergeant. After that, there was a message about a serious fight in the night from Wednesday to Thursday under Krasnogorovka, where militants fired “Grad” and heavy artillery.

After shelling, they, under cover of four tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, went on the attack on the Ukrainian position. The offensive was repulsed, however, three more soldiers were killed, three wounded, and one soldier, shell-shocked, was taken prisoner. To evacuate the wounded were sent to medical car, but the terrorists continued firing, resulting in a 120 mm mortar round had exploded near the extraction team and four wounded soldiers. Then social networks started another bickering popular opinion leaders, who have split into two camps. Some argue that all this comes from the fact that the enemy is accustomed to impunity. They say that the Ukrainian side is trying to stick to the truce endures tank shelling and not combing his artillerieschule “Zelenka” from which then the rod militants not to disappoint the representatives of the OSCE. And I propose to answer blow for blow.

Others try to tell me that everything is OK, no traduzidas no, because the undermining of a mine and the work of a sniper — this is a familiar story, our side also work. But the fighting near Krasnogorovka is a separate issue related to the arrival in Donetsk representative of the OSCE mission Alexander hug and preparations for the visit to Ukraine of the Minister of defense, which must be signed important documents. And if we now start to respond in kind, then things can break. And all who are now screaming that “the truce kills” and “spit on OSCE” enemies or traitors.

Here can’t stand anyone’s side, because the strength to look at it all just yet. In my head, lately, is spinning one thought — why Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova, whose events unfolded in a similar scenario as us, after an active military phase still managed somehow to more or less settle the whole story, transferred the solution to the political plane, and we have for the third year in the “neither war nor peace” in the East people continue to die.

It is not surprising that this background for readers missed the message about the bleak demographic situation in Ukraine. The first sad news came from the state statistics service: the number of deaths has already become almost twice more than the born. According to the statistics, 100 of the dead citizens account for only 58 of the newborn. As a result, the population of Ukraine, as of June 1, 2017, $ 42 million 482 thousand persons that, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine, 102,6 thousand persons less than at the beginning of the year.

This sad situation drew the attention of Polish experts who rate it as “fatal,” noting that Ukraine is approaching a disaster, where the demographic crisis, combined with the economic decline, geopolitical create a hole that someone will fill or the West, or Russia. The Director of the strategy Department of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute and Advisor to companies of the Polish defense industry Andrzej Talagi on the pages of Rzeczpospolita suggests that the Ukrainian state could fall even when the current generation that will have very negative consequences for Poland.

“It should be borne in mind, engaging with Ukraine in controversy, including, and in historic, we’re not talking with an equal partner, and with bedridden patients. In 20 years it may be that no one else will prove our moral rightness in the matter of the tragedy in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia” — the author writes. Evaluation, of course, quite so apocalyptic, but to draw the attention of our government still stands. Missed our readers and an important message from the IMF: this week it was officially confirmed earlier rumors were circulating about the rejection of mandatory requirements introduction in Ukraine of the land market.Now the land reformable is not a condition of granting Ukraine the next tranche of the International monetary Fund and could be held later this year.

Here I can only Express my regret that the IMF went on about our negligent authorities, who did not want to spend one of the most important reforms for the country in the period specified previously. Pleases only one that the issue of the agenda is not removed completely and, sooner or later, the Ukrainians finally truly become masters of their land. Good luck and good news!