Marx would have been plunged into the horror of the acts of Lenin and Stalin

If communism brings heaven to Earth, then why is it necessary to impose by force the people who do not want this and prefer the Paradise of heaven?

Such a simple question the answer is no. It’s been a half century since the advent of the Communist doctrine, resulting in the death of millions of people and left to posterity a terrible list of ruthless tyrants.

“Leaders of communism, always thought more of his personal welfare, not the people. For the six months under the personal direction of Lenin were executed more people than 80 years of rule of the Russian tsars”, — said the publication Aguado Javier (Javier Fernández Aguado), author of the recently published book “Comrades! Lenin today” (published by LID, 2017).

Head of management Department of Higher school of Economics Javier Aguado, author of many history books that tell about the reign of dictators, starting with the Romans and Greeks, to modern. In the centenary year of the Russian Revolution, he wrote the book, which focuses on the methods used by the Bolsheviks for the realization of his ideas of building a Communist society on Earth.

“Communism offers simple solutions to complex problems, and, in addition, it is done from the perspective of the social engineer. But this ignores the diversity of the world in which we live. Each of us is unique, and not like the other,” says Aguado.

“When the Bolsheviks came to power, they do absolutely what you criticized earlier king,” said the author. In this sense, it is surprising that the revolution took place in Russia. According to the chief ideologist of the proletarian revolution, Karl Marx, it would have to happen in industrialized countries, such as Germany or the United States. Marx believed that if the revolution happens in Russia, it will have disastrous consequences for humanity.”

And Marx was wrong.

Communist manipulators

Engels and Marx would have been horrified if he knew, with what cruelty wielded by the Bolsheviks in Russia. “Despite internal contradictions, they by fire and sword put into practice his doctrine. The Bolsheviks made blatant manipulation of communism — says Javier fernández Aguado. — Nazism and communism — equally criminal. Mao Zedong wrote that for the sake of the victory of socialism can donate three fourths of mankind.”

“It is unclear why Lenin and other Communist leaders is so popular with the current Communists and leftists. On this score there is the following explanation — they either don’t know what the price was carried out in practice, the Communist idea, or don’t want to know. They focused only on criticism of the shortcomings of capitalism. This brings to mind the following expression is due to the inhuman face of communism, the world learned the human face of capitalism.”

For Fidel Castro, the Cuban people have been a source of personal enrichment. The state of Castro after his death is estimated from $ 800 million to one billion dollars.

“I think that Fidel never been a Communist. He is an opportunist. Communist ideas he used in order to hide their true intentions and to obtain political absolution from his companions. Communism coexist absolutely hate the idea. Fidel hated Che Guevara and sent him to die in Bolivia. He was very happy about his death because, due to its immense popularity, Th sometimes overshadowed figure of the Cuban commander in chief,” — said Javier fernández Aguado.