To make Donbass from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Once familiar political strategist very well explained to me what he was doing. “I collect cast votes. You I will not be able to convince to vote for “United Russia” and many other people with your position, too. However, there are those who don’t have it, but the vote goes. But with them I work.”

It is not necessary to think that the Bulk of yesterday evening trying to collect the voices of the Imperials (not nationalists, namely the Imperials and monarchists!) — staunch supporters of strelkov. It’s impossible. Yesterday’s show was quite another.

Here is a simple, intelligent man, musing over how the relates to the Bulk. In recent weeks many smart people in the press and blogs explained to me that he was not perfect, he has no program, no firm view about the economy, but there is a tendency to authoritarian control of the opposition and nationalist past. On the one hand, such intellectuals like you want to support Navalny, because the current situation in Russia under Putin has become to the obvious dead-end. On the other hand think it will be worse? In the end produced “thrown voices”. The man concludes: “I neither Putin to maintain or Bulk. Go into private life.”

And here on the background Bulk an arrow appears with his desire to return to the absolute (!) the monarchy and all the foreign lands inhabited by Russians (like Hitler wanted to return Germany all the lands inhabited by the Germans). Navalny argues with him about the intricacies of democracy as he would have to do in case of a discussion, say, “Apple”. Bulk defends the normal democratic values, as would any of us. Bulk hour and a half is in the discussion field, in which any of us willing him to be identified against the “brown plague” (as they say in Soviet times).

In my opinion it was a brilliant political move. Exactly what we need to do today. Bulk caught the “cast vote”. He put those who did not for Putin and not for the Bulk (and especially not over small), to a new position. “Here you have a real alternative, not invented — in fact, he said. — Here’s the real fascism, not the one in which you reproach me. Here’s brown the future of Russia, which is not far off, if you continue to seek instead real alternative to Putin mythical perfect leader.” The perfect leader no. and the arrow that’s already here. Sitting, laughing, and preparing to make a new Donbass from Moscow and St. Petersburg.