Thousands of people protested against the policy of the ruling party in Budapest

In Budapest, thousands of people took part in protests against the policy of the ruling nationalist party, Fidesz, writes Bi-Bi-si.

This is not the first demonstration against government plans to close Central European University, and to impede the work of community organizations in assisting refugees.

About four thousand people with the flags of Hungary and the European Union crossed the Danube on the Liberty bridge. They began to join other members, and by the time the protesters reached the Parliament building, the crowd had grown to approximately 10 thousand people.

Regular demonstrations against the policies of the ruling party lasted for six weeks, with the European Commission and the European Parliament seem to lose patience against the government of Viktor Orban.

Hungary’s constitutional court will soon consider the bill according to which the Central European University actually will have to stop their work in Hungary.

On Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he will repeal any law that the court finds unconstitutional.