How to find friends that have to get rid urgently

Some people, the so-called “toxic”, can poison your life and manipulate you.

Thus, according to they can be charming and cute, but suddenly, instantly, can be very cruel. People whose friends can hardly believe that they are able to hurt a fly, because they have no idea about their behavior behind closed doors.

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Toxic people often suffer from undiagnosed personality disorders (which is rarely diagnosed, because such people do not recognize the existence of the problem). Toxic people are usually hunting for great hearts. They choose those who are willing to give a second or third chance, who believes that anyone can change, if his love.

There are few signs of such people.

1. In relationships they are asking and take a lot more than they give.

2. They are selfish and interested in others only when it serves some selfish purpose.

3. They must always be right, even in conversations about anything.

4. They behave differently than alone with you.

5. They instantly “transform”: a delightful person suddenly becomes angry or cold for no apparent reason.

6. They regularly lie on the little things and big, and won’t admit it. They can lead people astray or to purposefully hide their flaws.

7. They are never to blame and are always the victim.

  • See also: man and woman looking at people: psychologists found, what is the difference

In addition, there are several types of manipulations that use toxic people. If you feel that you are near toxic people:

1. All the time you want to save or fix this man.

2. You find an excuse for his behavior.

3. Next to him you feel empty.

4. You never know how he’ll react, and are always stressed out around them.

5. You are trying to avoid situations or subjects that may upset him.

6. You have repeatedly had the feeling that you know the person.

7. You feel guilty if he’s upset, though I can’t understand what I did wrong.

8. You never know whether he is speaking the truth or not.

“You may need time to determine whether the person should be removed from your life, but if the above symptoms are familiar to you, you should think,” – noted journalists.

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