She gave birth to at 16 and had her son, and in 18 years became his mistress

Monica Marquez gave his future lover’s foster parents when she was 16 years old. The girl was too young to independently support the child. But after 18 years they still met, and further more. The other children Monica began to call his older brother, dad, and the house is practically reigned idyll, yet it did not recognize the police.

37-year-old Monica mares and 20-year-old Caleb Peterson was arrested in 2016 in the state of new Mexico on charges of incest. Love the mother and son did not deny it and went on to deal with the investigation, according to which each of them will receive three years probation. In addition, they are obliged to keep each other at a distance of over one and a half years – “life”.

In February 2016 after the couple quarreled with a neighbor, and the police arrived. Then they were released and fined five thousand dollars. Monica also forbidden to approach his other nine children.

About incest between Monica and her son became known after lovers started a page on Facebook where you shared a joint pictures and talked about how much they are willing to risk everything to be together.

“He was the love of my life, and I don’t want to lose him. My kids love it, and my whole family. Nothing can come between us: neither the court nor the prison, nothing,” says Monica.

Monica was only 16 when she gave birth to Caleb. So she decided to give the baby up for adoption and not seen him for 18 years. They met at Christmas at the initiative of the foster parents. Then Caleb for the first time hugged her mother and asked to live with her. Monica was very happy that their family is reunited, but the woman soon began to notice his feelings for his son more than a mother’s love. It started to notice and Caleb, who first dared to confess his feelings.

The guy says he fell in love with his mother just a week after their first meeting. According to Caleb, he never took Monica as his mother, because he was brought up by another family. Therefore, he made the first move to meet their love.

“We were just talking, and I looked into her eyes and kissed her. It was a real kiss, it was real feelings that are alive to this day,” says Caleb.

The younger children began to call his brother Papa, and the house practical reigned idyll, but the public was against such a Union. Monica attack, writing threats, but she still couldn’t refuse the forbidden fruit. In the end, they had to appear before the court.

However, after sentencing the mountain mother said that with his son moving from new Mexico to another state, which will allow incest.