Why is Israel undermining peace?

The talks in Astana was aimed at launching a process of building mutual trust while creating areas of de-escalation in Syria. If the agreement on the establishment of four zones of de-escalation made in may, when outlined, these areas would have long understood how to work this formula. No country of the world and even Bashar al-Assad the civil war in Syria does not affect and is not worried so much as Turkey and Jordan. Turkey and Jordan bear the greatest burden of the Syrian war, being responsible for five million people, whom the war had deprived the house.


The reason why Astana formula failed to enforce, was the negative stance taken by America because of the role of Iran. This obstacle was overcome in the talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit and the three separate bilateral contacts held between the presidents of Russia, Turkey and the United States. So, Russia, acting as an ally and representative of the Assad regime, gave US a number of assurances regarding Iran and, apparently, first of all assured that Iran will not act as a guarantor, directly or in cooperation with Hezbollah. And trump, and Erdogan must be considered that for Israel this guarantee will be enough.

Astana, the plan assumed that the area of de-escalation in the area of Quneitra near the Golan heights, that is right on the line of cease-fire, which Israel admitted in 1974, will control Iran. Turkey as one of the countries-organizers of the Astana talks, of course, hoped that the Iranian government would honestly work towards a ceasefire. But at the moment, Iran’s interests does not consist in the fact that the Assad regime did not engage in new clashes, and that as soon as possible and for as long as possible to ensure the Damascus government, a period of silence. This silence will make Assad a propaganda tool, and will attempt to create the idea that he has defeated the opposition and cleared the ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.). However, the period of the ceasefire, which will give the opportunity to move refugees to camps established in Syria until the regime drops barrel bombs on his people and not preparing for a chemical attack, will benefit.

Under the new agreement reached at the G20 summit, which trump and Putin has declared to journalists that the US is preparing to take an active part in the creation of zones of de-escalation, to which previously they were not located, especially in the South-West of the country. Moreover, after the G20 summit trump during his visit to France, said that to ensure greater sustainability of the truce in Syria will be concluded new agreements. Thus, in Syria the United States first agree to play another role, in addition to the fight against ISIS.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government and opposed to Russian troops went to the area of Quneitra, as observers, the guarantor, stating that in this region still continue to be some of the militants associated with Hezbollah, has mobilized all the Jewish lobby in the USA to ensure the exit of Washington from the agreement. If it will give the result that Israel expects, the light of hope dawned in the end of the tunnel in Syria will be gone. And this will only strengthen the belief of the peoples of the region that the main reason of events called Arab spring spread to Syria, is the dream of the Great Israel.

Can the United States take on this responsibility?