Advisers trump against his “Pro” steps

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Donald trump collapses “the secret CIA program of arming and training the moderate Syrian opposition fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad.” Good or bad, is unknown, but that’s what I wanted from the us President, the Russian government of Vladimir Putin.

This step is not unique. Last week, we discussed the attempts by trump to isolate the USA from the point of view of diplomatic relations, to destroy Western alliances, to reduce the influence of the state Department (who now heads the closest American ally of Putin). The US President also mostly ignores the question of Russian interference in the elections. All of this serves the strategic goals of Moscow. As noted Tuesday in your show Rachel Maddow (Rachel Maddow), the list being made in Washington of action that will appeal to Putin, is constantly growing.

All this is happening against the background of the news Agency The Associated Press that some officials close to the President of the United States drew attention to the recent trend and hold grudges.

“Persistent overtures of President Donald trump in Russia contribute to the growth of contradictions between him and his advisors on national security and foreign policy, which has long been insist on a more cautious approach in relations with a foreign rival.

The uneasy relationship developing between the President and his top aides have been compounded made this week a sensational message about the long conversation that took place between trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a dinner at the recent summit in Germany. According to two American officials and three senior foreign officials, the conversation, which until now has not been reported and which took place a few hours after their official bilateral meeting, was alarming and caused frustration among the advisers to the leader of the United States. They are already concerned about the tendency of the President to deviate from the Protocol to actively pursue attempts to establish relations with Russia.

In an article published in The Associated Press, also said that American diplomats and spies “is extremely surprised” the position of President and that one of those who urged trump to trust the Russian dictator is the White house adviser on national security Herbert McMaster (Herbert McMaster).

Disagreements in the White house is a question important in itself, but such articles also help to shed light on how the world trump. Given that trump is the first “lay” President of the United States, which has no experience in international Affairs, it is tempting to assume that he would be willing to follow the recommendations of its advisers on national security and foreign policy.

However, in regard to Russia, trump ignores their advice. I’d love to know why.