What happens to the body after separation from a loved one: five common reactions

Parting with a loved one — a difficult period in the life of every person. When different emotions, feelings and stress are raging, the body also reacts to all this.

AdMe.ru said that happens to our body when a relationship with a loved one over.

1. Anxiety and sleep problems

People are programmed to need human contact, and when we lose it, we feel the pain. Attachment of man to man escalates. Scientific studies have proven that the pain after a break up activates the same part of the brain that is stimulated when cocaine addiction.

2. Chest pain

Studies have shown that people who have been rejected, are stimulated by the same nervous signals that cause physical pain, as in a situation when a person spills hot drink or get a burn. Often after a breakup people feel physical pain in my chest.

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After parting deteriorating heart. The man who had heart disease, there is a risk not to cope with stress. Due to the impact of adrenaline on the heart may appear arrhythmia, and there is a high probability of a heart attack.

3. Troubled skin

Besides the fact that depressed people less take care of themselves, after the rupture stress hormones worsen the skin condition. Consequently, this can lead to pimples, acne and even hair loss.

4. Muscle pain

Depressed people are prone to injury more than usual. Stress can appear spasms in the muscles. Subsequently, they can shorten and thicken, causing pain in different parts of the body.

5. Loss of appetite or overweight

After a breakup many people experience problems with appetite. But in the long run, the gap often becomes a cause of excess weight. Stress cells become less sensitive to insulin, causing the body starts to produce it even more, which accelerates the process of fat deposits. Also the weight gain may be associated with insomnia and lack of exercise. In stress, disrupted gastrointestinal tract that causes abdominal pain and diarrhea.