Russian crime has taken root in Ukraine

At that time, as the President of the Russian Federation shamefully sends “vacationers” to fight in the Donbass, the representatives of the Russian criminals have started in our country its “creeping annexation”.

They seamlessly cross the border and settle in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and other large cities. Where a lot of money.

Some simply find a “safe house” where the eye of the law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation, others create organized criminal groups. Some of them have “left” the Ukrainian passport.

One of the most important tasks of our law enforcement agencies and intelligence services to prevent Ukraine from becoming a “settler”. Because if you go at a pace that soon the “fun” will become everything. Aggravation in the East and rampant crime in the peaceful city — a dangerous mix.

Want specifics? Will talk about three high-profile incident involving criminals from Russia.

“Operation liquidation”. The killer from Russia

One of the most recent incident happened July 19 in the Parking lot of the shopping center “Prospect”. At about 23:00 from a Kalashnikov shot a man. By committing murder in front of dozens of eyewitnesses, two of the criminals dropped their weapons and fled. The victim’s body was riddled with: the experts found 22 input and output ports.

According to the “Observer”, the victim — 53-year-old Mammadov, Asif Bahadur, a native of Nagorno-Karabakh, which subsequently received Russian citizenship. By the way, fate played a trick on him: the circumstances of his death are somewhat similar to the killing two years ago in the Russian Novokuznetsk. Only then was the killer… he Mammadov.

“Asif Mammadov was found in one of the city hotels with their countryman. The purpose of the meeting was a business meeting. But something went wrong. Caucasian businessmen are unable to agree on their commercial interests, had a fight and Mamedov, pulled a gun, shot his partner”, — reported the Russian media.

Kiev law enforcement officers found the deceased Mammadov driver’s license “in one of the cities of the Altai territory of the Russian Federation”.

According to a Russian database, Asif Mammadov is the Director and founder of LLC “Construction company “Contractor”, which is registered in Biysk, Kemerovo region, Altai territory in 2013. The company today is active.

Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has declared Mammadov wanted in February 2015. When, how and what documents he crossed the border with Ukraine is still unknown.

Russian Hitman with “thousands” of names

June 1, in Kiev there was a shooting in which he was seriously wounded the suspect in the attack on the volunteers of the ATO, the spouse of Adam Osmaev and Aminu Okueva. Osman also received several gunshot wounds.

A detailed analysis of the attempt I will not now, on this topic there are many posts on the “Explorer”. Well and plus, in the case there are white spots. I would like to see a video that was said to Amina, during his meeting with the “correspondent” was written on mobile, and know, who belonged to the second PM. Let me remind you, the scene were found three barrel: Glock and two Makarov pistol. One of them is premium, was listed for Ecoevol. However, it is now about the perpetrator, and behind it stretches a large plume.

The man who had spouses correspondent of the French newspaper “Le Monde” by Alex Werner and which found a Ukrainian passport in the name of Alexander Dakar, was a native of Chechnya, a Russian citizen Artur by Dinicotinoyl. In criminal circles known under names and nicknames Kurmakaev, Krinari, Tishchenko, Tsebro, “Dingo”, etc.

It is known that the Kiev police detained the killer killed in 2009 in Vienna the former security guard of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

In late 2006, Umar Israilov submitted to the European court of human rights the claim against Russia, in which he accused Kadyrov of torture and kidnapping. The New York Times, which conducted its own investigation into the death of Israilov, citing an official statement of the killer wrote that in the summer of 2008, he illegally entered Europe on the instructions of a senior official of Kadyrov’s entourage. In order to force Umar to withdraw his complaint from Strasbourg.

It was also reported that Arthur Denislav was first convicted in 1990 in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. Then he got two years for extortion, but in February 1991, was released on Amnesty. He soon moved to Petersburg, where he engaged in “ciekawym” business, having established the first point.

“Famous” of Denislav due to the loud history with its exchange in 1998 on a Russian soldier who was in Chechen captivity.

Denislav took the name Kurmakaev in the summer of 2001, when he married the sister of the famous Gatchina businessman Kiyama Kurmakaeva. Subsequently, he repeatedly changed passports and names.

In Kiev, he said that a Ukrainian passport in the name of Alexander Dakar was received by him “on the basis of purchased in Odessa passport” (on the Privoz market — approx. ed.). That, of course, also raises many questions.

Armed robbery near Kiev: three with “bouquet”

One more resonant incident to participation of citizens of the Russian Federation happened late in the evening on March 26. A group of men in masks broke into the cottage of private entrepreneurs in the village Sukholuchye Vyshgorodskiy area. Armed with a pistol, iron rods and knives attacked the 40-year-old woman in the kitchen of the first floor was washing the dishes. Beaten and strangled, demanding to give the available money and jewelry. A confession was beaten out, where is safe.

The owner of the house, 43-year-old local businessman, was on the second floor. 11-year-old daughter woke up my dad, he got out his hunting rifle was, and went downstairs. After the first shot, the bandits took to their heels, except for one that continued to strangle the woman. The owner had no choice but to shoot the perpetrator to save his wife. From the received wounds the robber died. It was the victim Andrey Soloshenko — the only Ukrainian from this criminal group earlier judged.

In an armed attack in Sukholuchye was also attended by three citizens of the Russian Federation — a native of Dagestan (remember, they were detained on the same day. — approx. ed.). This is Ali Yunusovich Aliyev, Tagir Magomedov Magomedgadzhieva, and Gazimagomed Muhidinovich Magomedov. As “the observer”, they all previously “lit up” in Russia. And not only.

Aliyev was included in the list of terrorists and extremists, which is published on the website of Rosfinmonitoring.

Tagir Magomedov had previously been deported from Turkey on suspicion of involvement in the activities of ISIL in Syria. Information about this was able to find in document, uploaded to the server one municipal resource of the Russian Federation. The document was created in 2015, the date itself of deportation is unknown.

And Gazimagomed Magomedov was wanted in Moscow in December 2016. — on suspicion in terrorism. In orientation he was a “partner” — Magomed Saypulaev.

“By the CPE (Centre for combating extremism. — approx. ed.) ATC CAO GU MVD in Moscow received information about a possible threat of DTA (subversive-terrorist acts. — Ed.) in the Moscow region. According to available information, Magomedov Gadzhimagomed Muhidinovich 16.12.1983 G. R. and Saypulaev Magomed Ibrahimovic 26.09.1974 G. R. acquired an IED (improvised explosive device. — Ed.)…”

In the guidance also stated that an explosive device Magomedov and Saypulaev could buy in order to organize a terrorist attack in the capital of Russia.

Important point: it was stated that criminals could be forged passports of citizens of Ukraine. Mentioned even the names that have Magomedov — Ahilova Munira Sobirovich (12 12.1981 G. R.).

How he and his accomplices crossed the border, also need to figure out our law enforcement officers.

How much is the “second life”

According to my information, in Kiev full set of documents to another name — birth certificate, registration, passport (sometimes diploma) — costs around 10 thousand dollars. It’s not about the fake.

The cost of “just” check in the capital — about 1-1,5 thousand dollars. There are apartments, where “live” for 50 people. Profitable business.

Enhanced control

10 July it became known that in addition to biometric controls at the border introduces a mechanism of pre-registration for Russian citizens planning to visit Ukraine. Also the Russians will have to submit information about the movement on the territory of our country.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the State border service will be allocated the necessary funds to support the implementation of the decision.

Such measures are surely needed to do, but how they will be effective — will show time. Do not forget that many of the state border service officers have the second passport and it carries a certain risk. But that is another story, more details in a forthcoming publication.