From the Soviet stone to ultra modern toilets mobile toilets EcoGR

The problem of having comfortable and durable outdoor toilet in our country stood still since Soviet times. Today the inhabitants of many cities continue to feel the shortage of this necessary facilities required for places of a mass congestion of citizens. Convenient and inexpensive solution to this challenge was proposed by the company Ekogrupp, which from the first has declared itself as a serious and promising enterprise with powerful production capacities and human resources. The main product of this manufacturer steel mobile toilet and showers EcoGR, earned positive reviews the most authoritative experts.

It is necessary to say that the modular designs of this brand products are with international certificates, raw materials for which are procured from the markets of the CIS countries. This positive aspect determines the independence of prices from the dollar or the Euro, which positively affects the pricing. The company successfully works with the Ukrainian dealers, organizing the delivery of the modules disassembled in any locality of the country.

Attractive and reliable toilet cubicle EcoGR are made of impact-resistant plastic that is not afraid of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Design can be quickly disassembled and transported to a new place without any damage to the grounds, on which stood a plastic toilet. Buyers are offered several different versions of the class with a choice of additional equipment.

Experts say that technologists and engineers Ekogrupp managed to create not just a competitive model of the cubicles of the new generation. Thanks to implemented interesting solutions manufactured modules have increased comfort and practicality in comparison with the top foreign counterparts. In particular, the traditional aluminum profile replaced by more durable steel frame, made of lightweight corrosion-resistant alloys.

Triangular dome of translucent plastic provides ample natural light, allowing you not just to save on electricity, and to operate the cabin at all without lighting. And finally, a seven-year guarantee, reflecting the high level of performance of the products, represents the longest warranty in the field.

Renting a toilet and showers is another attractive offer from the company environmental teams and accredited by the Ukrainian partners. This comprehensive service includes delivery, Assembly, dismantling and return transport of selected modules. Such a perspective will be particularly interesting municipal and commercial structures in need of teams areas for hygiene, set in season or during the organization of cultural events.

To podderjivat clean and comfortable microclimate in bathroom stalls EcoGR helps effective ventilation system and ample sealed tank with a volume of 250 liters. In full readiness for operation the design provides for 2-3 hours on any flat ground. Service takes a minimum of time, and in the case of failure of any component the repair can be carried out within the hour.

Modern mobile toilet will handicap capital structures for all positions, favorably differing harmonious design, long service life, high hygienic and user standards. Such a necessary and useful Supplement to the Ukrainian market opens up prospects of equipping individuals and the urban areas is the toilet cabins.