The goal of the Kremlin’s own goal: what is behind the statement of “little”

The creation of the Ukraine — a typical Russian story, starting from the use of derogatory names of Ukrainian lands, which has not been used for a hundred years, to the “Refoundation” of the state based on federalism related to the typical whims of the Russian authorities for a long time.

Zakharchenko almost released the list of foreign political aspirations of the Kremlin in respect of Ukraine, then in Moscow, chose to distance himself from statements of his own puppets. A certain piquancy of the situation adds the fact that relay ideas Zakharchenko speaks Zakhar Prilepin is a Russian writer who “fighting instructor” on the side of the militants.

The case appears not only in the fact that the Western centers of influence in unison condemned the statement Zakharchenko.

Germany considers idea of creation of Ukraine is unacceptable, and France urged Russia to condemn the calls for Zakharchenko. The European Union noted that the statements of the “DNR leader” contrary to the Minsk agreements, and the US State Department said during the daily briefing, the concern statements, however, did not develop the theme.

In this situation, even Putin’s press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, was forced to declare that the plans Zakharchenko is his personal initiative, while Russia remains committed to the Minsk agreements.

Here it is necessary to elaborate.

The ineffectiveness of the agreements reached in February 2015 in the capital of Belarus — it is an open secret. But give them can afford is Russia, however, and works through Zakharchenko, creating the circumstances for cancellation of existing agreements.

Seems that the Kremlin felt that to agree with Donald trump on the settlement in the Donbass is now impossible; there was “the plan Rules”, which is characterized by increased specificity in the action; the Ukrainian government has provided the leaked text of the draft law on the prospects of reintegration ORDO.

Russia has decided to insert your own “two cents”, making it hands Zakharchenko, who is, in fact, for such things and hold. It is possible that

a leader of the militants could be prepared in advance of the Moscow curators homework, which he used unauthorized.

If so, it appears that the Kremlin has scored an own goal.

In any case, this assumption does not lessen the responsibility of the Kremlin, which supplies his puppets in the Donbas is not only the arsenals of excess stocks of weapons in some European countries, but also throws devastating not only for Ukrainian statehood, but also for continental security ideas.

In this situation, Ukraine must respond to a military-political way. The first component clearly expressed the chief of the General staff, General Viktor Muzhenko, who expressed confidence that the Ukrainian people will be buried “little Russia” as well as “new Russia”.

The political leadership of the state will have to follow the Minsk agreements, to intensify talks with Western partners on the search for more effective format for the conflict settlement.

Statements Zakharchenko is a good occasion to strengthen the dialogue on how joint efforts to counteract the inadequacy of the Kremlin and its puppets in the Donbas.