In Ukrainian hospitals will experience the drug from COVID-19: explanation of the Ministry of health

The tests are carried out only with the consent of the patient

The Ministry of health confirmed that allowed to test the Ukrainian drug from COVID-19 “Bioven” in five hospitals. This was at the briefing said the Deputy head of the Ministry of health Irina Mikituk.

“Drugs “Bioven” is the Ukrainian manufacturer of the drug. He has already showed its effectiveness in a wide range of complex chronic diseases,” she said.

According to the official, in order to decide about clinical trials, the manufacturer refers to the State expert center of the set of documents, the firm determines health institutions where, with their consent, will be tested.

“The package of documents included the actual agreement or consent of the health and necessarily the decision of the ethics Committee in this institution. The tests are carried out only with the consent of the patient, the patient or volunteer is insured, when are these tests”, – explained Irina Mikituk.

The Ministry of health, in turn, approves the proposal of the State expert center of clinical trials.

Earlier in the President’s Office said that Ukrainian scientists have begun a clinical trial of domestic drug against COVID-19. It is expected that the drug can significantly reduce or completely neutralize the threat of death from complications that causes COVID-19.

Note, in Ukraine are also planning to create a laboratory where they will develop a vaccine.

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