How to manage your time and increase your productivity: 6 simple tips

Various projects, meetings, lectures and events can create chaos. To do this, you must learn to manage their time, and this in turn will improve your productivity.

Writer and lecturer TED Vanderkam Laura, who became the author of several books on time management, in his column for Business Insider, spoke about their own strategies of time management.

Present to you the TOP 6 tips on how to do everything, reports

1. Plan your week on Fridays

First, given that we believe the time for weeks, it can be considered the best unit for planning.

Why Friday? The best time to think about your working week – this time, while you are immersed in them. On Friday after lunch, I define the most important professional and personal priorities next week and analyze how they can develop.

2. Measure what’s important

I have a few magazines. So, I keep a journal of time. In it I record the time in half hour blocks. For two years, while I’m taking these notes, I developed a much more integrated and coherent sense of time.

But not only that. I keep a journal running. It helps me stay motivated. I also write the books. It inspires me to read more. So, in 2017 I have already read 75 books!

3. First and foremost, grasp the hard work

I try to prepare the outline of the text and to do the complex editing in the first place. I get so much more if you sit for work, say, from 8.40 to 11.40, and then from 13.00 to 16.00. If I lay these things at a later time, work will take me much more time.

4. Use small periods of time with the use of

Remember read 75 books? I managed to read them through the reader installed on the phone. Until 10 minutes before the meeting I would have just surfed on the Internet. During such periods of 5-10 minutes a lot. If you count them together you get serious enough periods of time.

5. Write a very short to-do lists for the day

The to-do list for the day I usually prepare the night before. Try to make it short enough. On my list, usually not more than 10 points. But if I enter, then it will. There is no sense to list what you cannot or will not have time to do. Towards the end of the day I check the list to understand I did everything, and add what emerged during the day.

6. Set the time for sleep

I’m really trying to go to sleep at 22.30. It is not always possible, but I feel much more productive when I get enough sleep.