Icelandic low-cost airline has decided to pay passengers for flights

The CEO of Icelandic budget airline WOW air whine Mogensen said that in the future, tickets for customers of the airline will be free. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

“In the future we will pay you (travel Ed.) for the flights of our airline”, — said a top Manager. “If you trusted us and booked us a ticket, we will reduce for you to zero cost and even provide monetary rewards,” he promised Mogensen.

Currently, a number of airlines earns, presenting to the tourist car rental services, hotel booking and other similar types of service. This activity may ultimately be even more profitable than selling tickets.

In this case, WOW air and other carriers will have the opportunity to waive fees for the flight. Even if they will pay the passengers, their business will still remain profitable.

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According to Mogensen, WOW air might encourage in the future the money of those customers who will be publish in social networks information about your stay and mentioned in the posts on his company.

In November 2016, the head of the largest low cost airline in Europe Ryanair Michael O’leary said that the carrier can make free some tickets in the next five to ten years. The airline will earn, sharing with the airports revenue from shopping passengers on the territory of the transport nodes, he explained then.