How to use a credit card abroad without commissions: tips banker

Nearly five million Ukrainians have issued biometric passports and 11 of June without a visa to travel to the countries of the European Union. One of the conditions for crossing the border – the minimum amount of money that you need to take. In the Czech Republic and Portugal need to take at least 40 euros for the day, and in Hungary – just three euros. Confirm capacity to pay will help a credit card. The website “Today” found out which card better to take on holiday and what you need to know going on vacation.

“Special” map for travelers

To pay abroad can be any card, even a salary, says the Chairman of the management Board of FUIB Sergey Chernenko. Expert advice before the trip to remove possible limits on the map and warn the Bank about the upcoming trip. It should be remembered: if the hryvnia card to pay in a cafe, for example, in Italy, there will be automatic conversion of the hryvnia to the Euro. With a normal map for this operation you will have to pay a Commission of 1%.

For example, if during the travel to spend 1,000 euros, but at the same time, to pay the hryvnia card, then the card will take 29 684 UAH at the exchange rate and 296,8 currency – conversion fees for payment in another currency.

If instead the ordinary of the map to take a special credit card for travellers the Commission will not have to pay. For example, a credit card from FUIB SoloМандри in the conversion involved only the exchange rate, without fee. In addition, in this map there is a grace period when paying with a credit card, you can redeem on more favorable terms in the period up to 62 days.

This allows credit card without a fee to withdraw money from your credit limit at any ATM worldwide. As explained in the FUIB credit card specially designed for travelers. With the card in Bank make out a travel insurance policy for 30 days of stay abroad, which is valid for a year, and as a gift give a felt clutch bag for boarding passes and documents of the traveler.

There are still a few bonuses: a card with the PayPass technology allows you to pay contactless and premium class Platinum card allows free access to the business Lounges for Mastercard Lounge in Boryspil. The registration card will take about half an hour. On the Bank’s website to fill out a form specifying your name, surname and contact telephone number. Within five minutes call the Manager. The next step is to come to the Bank with your passport, a unique identifier number (TIN) and the income statement. The Ukrainians, who receive a salary at the map of the Bank can issue a card without income.

Sergey Chernenko also advises travelers to connect the service of SMS notification. In the map SoloМандри activate this service for free immediately after registration of the card. The calculation of the plastic card try not to let her out of your sight, suggest to the Bank. If got SMS that card has written off the funds that you are removed, you should immediately block the card and contact the Bank.

As says the Director of a large travel network Oleg Kulik, to prove their solvency, it is sufficient to show a certificate from the Bank that confirms the status of the account, or SMS from the Bank with the sum of the balance in the account. “Actually, it’s not such a big amount. For travel to EU countries is only a few hundred euros. Better to take cash and card”, – said the expert.

What a traveler needs to know

According to the Schengen code, the right to enter into the European Union have tourists who can “justify the purpose and conditions” of stay. It is advisable to pre-book a hotel (there is also a handy credit card) and buy tickets there and back. Also confirm “the validity and conditions” visit help cash and, if there is no reservation in hotel guarantee from someone who was invited into the country.

However, the main rule for any traveler is the restriction on the number of days during which you can stay in the country without a visa. The so-called 90/180 rule – Ukrainians can stay in the European Union not more than three months within half a year. If you break this rule at least once, the EU might not let them in.

Note, at this point you can take with you no more than 10 thousand euros of cash, and if more money – to fill the Declaration and to confirm the origin of funds. For example, take a Bank certificate that the money was recently withdrawn from the Bank account.

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