What to eat to look younger: the right foods for those over 40

Look young and beautiful every woman wants, regardless of age. That’s only if in 25-30 years to maintain a desirable shape easily, after 40 years has become more difficult.

The fact is that a woman’s body usually begins global hormonal changes, and to preserve the health and beauty (and along with the figure), and should go on a special diet.

This does not mean that you need to stop eating, just need to go on a healthy diet, which will adjust the elemental status of your body and prevent even the risks of many serious diseases. A special diet will not hurt, and most likely healthier. And – most importantly – will saturate the body with micro and macro elements, amino acids, reports “Home”.

Milk and greens. These products contain calcium, the lack of which may be the cause of excessive irritability.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, seafood, black pepper – they are worth much to lean. This all – natural source of chromium, which is involved in the regulation of fat synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism, supports normal insulin activity. Not by chance among doctors a popular saying: “no Chromium – diabetes!”.

Green tea removes anxiety, improves sleep, as this grass is a special amino acid – theanine.

Plant foods (potatoes, cereals or porridge, zucchini, squash, pumpkin) – sources of magnesium, which helps to overcome without the effects of any stress (read – perimenopausal age), helps to reduce the pressure that we are interested in the relevant period.

Quail eggs contain the amino acid glycine, under his influence metabolism and stabiliziruemost pressure.

Lamb, oysters, sesame seeds, peanuts, chocolate, cocoa powder are sources of zinc, a trace mineral is especially necessary during this period.

Unpolished rice, peas, bananas, blueberries, gooseberries, currants – these products are essential for women bioelement manganese. Its deficiency causes degenerative changes in the joints, osteoporos, the rise of overweight, obesity, early menopause, premature aging, pigmentation disorders of the skin.

Eat it all on health, more than before the move and will be well prepared for the meeting, which cannot be undone and that you will not be unpleasant. What’s more, you’ll have a powerful prevention of diseases that accompany the onset of menopause.