Turkish s-400 on the border with the EU…

In Turkey many circles concerned with the probability of rupture of Ankara’s relations with Brussels. However, the EU’s position has become so difficult to justify that almost all of them start the conversation by saying, “the EU is also a mistake, but…” — but in the end showered with rose petals the path to the EU…

Last Thursday, columnist, Hürriyet Unal chevikez (Ünal Çeviköz) wrote the following lines: “the Relations between Turkey and the EU are experiencing one of the decisive periods in its history, the last 50 years. The relationship will be broken, and will be continued, and if continued, how…

Finally, the European Parliament resolution on Turkey… In Turkey, this resolution has been commented upon as a new stage of “delaying tactics”, which, as expected, the EU has for several years applied against Turkey. The reaction has also been voiced under the influence of mood created by this interpretation. However, “mood” is usually the enemy of public diplomacy and communication strategies… the EU continues to pursue healthy public diplomacy and communication strategy.

Juncker (Juncker) also stresses that “the EU would want Turkey moving away from Europe and moving towards Europe.” So, in Europe, there is concern that Turkey is moving away. And why it should not be? If suddenly, when we want, we start to throw flowers of the Shanghai cooperation organization, and now also enthusiastically taken for the purchase of air defense systems s-400, like our dependence on Russia in the energy sector were not enough, the emergence of such a perception is quite natural” (“How to interpret the signal”, 17.07, Hürriyet).

A very typical article. Anyone not difficult to understand how the signal “should be construed”…

For example, if the EU say: “We cannot accept Turkey”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Jean Claude Juncker) wrote an article for the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” on the anniversary of the July 15,…

“While it is not known how the outcome of the coup attempt, the President of the European Council Tusk (Tusk) and the EU high representative for foreign Affairs Mogherini (Mogherini) on behalf of the EU condemned the attack on the democratic institutions of Turkey”, — said Juncker.

And thanks for that.

Juncker continues: “Europe is still reaching out to Turkey. From Turkey we would like to see a commitment to basic European values”.

We understand the cadets… no One knows better than the Turks what it means to stand with an outstretched hand. Moreover, for 54 years we have so far reached out his hand, which was to take a bite to the shoulder.

Let’s dive into the poorly lit part of the interview that on 12 July this year, President Erdogan gave the BBC…

“The EU is insincere. They did not keep any promises. Currently, 14 sections are open to discussion, but none of them was closed. Take the refugee problem: they said they will pay us six billion euros. But no. We deliver on our promises. If at this stage the EU will be Frank with us and, for example, say: “We cannot accept Turkey to the European Union,” we will be safer. EU for us is not indispensable. EU leads us by the nose. Besides, now the vast majority of my people do not want entry into the EU.”

In fact it is a call to the EU. If we imagine that the relations between Turkey and the EU is the human body, it is now incredibly weakened. And if this continues, he just can’t carry the load and somewhere to faint. While the political price that may arise have to pay Brussels. The EU, which 54 years of jerking us around, and even playing tricks, including support for terrorists should not get a chance to force Ankara to pay for the gap…

No doubt, if the insincerity of the EU will stop, the situation will change. If you believe in magic, of course…

“The process has entered its final phase, the parties at the stage of signing”

But first note that, first, Ankara — and we always write about this — not trying to bump heads with the EU or any other Western institution with similar institutions in the East. Second, Turkey, the elementary is using their sovereign rights, can build all sorts of economic, technological, diplomatic relations with any country, what you like. And can buy the s-400.

Thirdly, if you say, “Yes, but it will have political consequences,” — again an independent country is able to adequately assess the rhetoric that will follow.

Fourthly, in addition that the expression “Europe — unity values” is a beautiful word, it is also a cliché. It is known that such values do not exist, they are not important, and in fact we politely said, “If you want to join the EU, you will meekly follow those rules.”

Besides, must not yet understand… “Now the vast majority of my people do not want entry into the EU.” If the referendum, there is an interesting picture after Breccia.

However, the supporters of the EU can be calm. Ankara wants to see, to reach this process. When they will have to accept Turkey’s membership, the EU may be on the verge of extinction. What I will do then Ankara, is unknown.

Why do those who believe that Turkey’s interest in the s-400, the silk road and other threat against the West, it does not notice that for the development of its air defense system, Turkey has signed an agreement with the French-Italian consortium? (Anadolu Ajansı, 14.07)

In other words, we are trying to satisfy their urgent need and open more doors for national air defense system. That is, it is not done “at random.”

When you talk about s-400 or the SCO: “it cannot be,” you give a recipe for how you would like to be. And this recipe contains toxic ingredients!

If we go back to where we started…

As you know the border with the EU, referred to in the title?

This Thrace or Syria?

If at first reading you came to mind Thrace, so do the Turkish people with the EU are over.