In the United States explained that Ukraine can’t join NATO because of Russia

Ukraine not to join NATO, while on its territory there are Russian troops. This was announced at a conference in Washington on the challenges from the Russian Federation U.S. Senator Tom cotton, reports citing “Voice of America”.

According to him, Russia need to push, so she left the Ukraine.

“Today Ukraine and Georgia are unable to take the path of joining NATO, while on their territory are Russian troops. Therefore, our immediate and primary goal should be to increase the pressure on Russia so that she left the land. So she gave the Crimea to Ukraine and left the Eastern Ukraine and Northern Georgia,” said cotton.

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He noted that pressure on Russia should have for its attempts to destabilize the West. He recalled the intervention in elections in the United States and Europe.

“Of course, Russia is trying to destabilize and divide the West. That’s what they did for decades. This is what Russia, and we must respond strongly to these provocations,” – said the Senator.

As he told the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, the sanctions against Russia should be removed gradually in parallel at least a small shift in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.