The Ukrainians began to come more often “letters of happiness” from the tax

This year the Ukrainians were discharged almost a million tax notices-decisions on property taxes. This was announced by the head of the administration of property taxes and duties of the Department of taxes and fees from individuals of the SFS Vladislav Pavlov.

According to the taxmen, in 2017 it is planned to collect about 500 million UAH of income tax (excluding receipts from legal entities).

“Already received 61 million UAH of a tax on property for the year 2016. This is the amount assessed as according to the state register of property rights to real estate and after reconciliation at the initiative of taxpayers,” — said Pavlov.

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Last year there were 428 thousand notices (end of 2015), that is two times less than this. It was paid 209 million UAH. In 2015 (paid for 2014) the figure of income has been much more modest 51 million UAH. at 60 thousand tax notices. That is, for three years, the number of notifications increased by about 17 times.

“The increased receipts caused, including by broadening the tax base. So, in 2014, was taxed just a residential area, and later — the total area of residential property”, — explained in the GFS.

However, if you calculate the average amount for one notification, it will turn out that in 2014 Ukrainians had to pay 850 UAH. and in subsequent years — approximately 500 UAH.