New suspicions against Putin

17 July 2014, 298 people, among them four Germans, died as a result of the worst attacks on a passenger plane in the history of civil aviation.

Although Russia has since deemed responsible for this crime Ukraine, today it is almost safe to assert that a Russian missile SAM “Buk”, which the Russian army has taken to the territory of a belligerent in Eastern Ukraine, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

Now one POPs up hitherto unnoticed detail that further strengthens the suspicions against the Russian ruler Putin.

As reported by the Russian edition of magazine “Forbes” with reference to submitted in October 2015 final report the Netherlands, “security”, Russia has caused more suspicion in the address the strange closure of airspace shortly before the attack. According to this, the Russian aviation oversight service on July 16, one day before the attack on MH17, I closed the airspace for flights in the region of Rostov-on-don. This airspace surrounds on the Russian side of the military area in Eastern Ukraine.

Strange fact: a mandatory message to pilots — NOTAM containing an indication of two heights, below which it was impossible to fly close to the airspace of Ukraine.

— First, at the beginning of the message indicated altitude “FL260” (about 7 900 metres), which at that time also belonged to Eastern Ukraine.

— At the end of the NOTAM was also an indication of the closure of the airspace between the ground to the flight altitude “FL530”. This corresponds to about 16 100 metres.

This order was in force from midnight (Moscow time) on 17 July 2014, that is 17 hours before the attack on MH17 at about the height of 10 thousand meters.

— Observers regard it as a possible Russian precautions not to allow Russian aircraft in range of the missiles “Buk”. If this were so, then the Russian leadership had to be informed about the upcoming, for the first time the application of the system “Buk” and could even appoint him on July 17, 2014.

— If Ukraine had closed the airspace of Russia to the specified height, then MH17 would be flying above this zone of contact with “Buck” and I would have chosen another, safer route. However, probably in the West, one is unaware of such danger.

The world wants to punish the guilty

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko confirmed that Russia must be held accountable for the attack on a passenger plane. It was a “brazen crime could be prevented if there was no Russian aggression, no Russian weapons, and no Russian missiles came from Russian territory”, — wrote Poroshenko on Monday on its Facebook page.

“It is our responsibility to the dead and to future generations to show those who committed this terrorist attack, that they should answer for their crimes,” demanded Poroshenko.

In Berlin, government spokesman Steffen Seibert (Steffen Seibert) said that it is a “tragedy that is still awaiting full investigation.” The Federal government supports, according to him, all efforts of experts in a full investigation of the incident.

Produced in the Dutch-led criminal investigation in September last year concluded that the Malaysian plane came under fire over the territory of Pro-Russian separatists. Shortly before that of Russia received one missile “Buk” and rocket launcher after the attack was assigned “back to Russia”. Moscow has rejected the results of the investigation as “politically motivated”.

In early July, the country’s Joint investigation group (JIT) engaged in the attack, agreed that the alleged responsible person in the future will appear before court in the Netherlands. According the Dutch government, until now, investigators have identified about a hundred people who played “an active role”. While none of them is detained. In “JIT” involving Belgium, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands and Ukraine.