Why MPs are fleeing the Ukraine, not the Ukraine

No, I’m not going to do the characters from fugitive deputies Boronenkov and Maksakova. Ordinary MPs are not better than the other. Especially given the investigations into Voronenkov that are printed lately. No illusions about the sectarian first family, no one was. Their story makes us think about another Ukraine it is not the safest nowadays, the economic prospects of his dark, military is not better. There is a chance that Russia didn’t recognize the passports of “DNR” and “LNR” (though not recognized by the “DNR” and “LNR” — and furthermore, only a fifth of Russians, according to the latest VTsIOM poll, would reunite them with us). It is unclear, in short, how everything will develop from South-Western neighbours, and will not happen if they had a third Maidan. Nevertheless, the deputies run there, and here from the Ukraine, no runs.

And nowhere is not running, except for Gerard Depardieu, who also left. Even Seagal doesn’t live, though, it would seem, who needs it. Migrant workers go, Yes. But it is quite another thing. The worker is not a citizen, he could go long, and to protect the area in which case it will not. Equip by and large too. He sweeps, builds private homes, transports goods, but a hired hand is different from the citizen, and to be employed — is not to love.

I, of course, Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova — mishandled Cossack tomorrow and admit it, simultaneously telling in Ukraine and how bad they are there tasteless food. But it does not seem to be honest. But it seems that today this is the most unstable, belligerent, attacked us, Ukraine, pour all the channels together and abhorred the social networks the vast majority of users appear to be far-sighted people directly after an island of stability in comparison with Russia. Because, hand on heart, % 86 if the objective survey honestly would admit that we live in anticipation of a Grand broads, and this is not the legacy of the unstable ‘ 90s (many of them do not remember), and a feeling compounded by the sickening wrongness in everything. Feeling increasingly deep stall in an impassable swamp, which can, of course, the issue of a special way, but too bad the way it smells. And although we remain promising for athletes and coaches, and in the blood ready to kiss any defector, and apartments are willing to give the whole space from terrible to Saransk — we are not particularly eager, and we are ready to go even to war. Because we have zero prospects, and in war you can at least shoot, and if you’re lucky, and make money. And enemies of the Ukrainian authorities, our sympathizers, for some reason I go here mainly for the talk shows, and prefer to live there. While this situation will not change, no reason for optimism we can come up with — even if the dollar again will cost 35.

Because the dollar is not the person is breathing, and oxygen. And here oxygen is not added.

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