Trump is still unable to get trust

According to a recent survey, impacts of the President of trump against the Syrian government received the support of the American people and have improved (although only slightly) opinion about trump. But, probably, the main result of all this is a big, red stop sign.

The latest survey conducted by the information Corporation CBS News (the first sociological poll which purpose was to find the reaction of viewers and listeners on missile strikes), showed that 57% of Americans agree with the decision of trump. His approval rating rose to 43%, but about half of the respondents (49%) still treat the President with disapproval.

But even more categorical, the Americans spoke out about what they don’t want to see further. No more sanctioned by the trump unilateral strikes or further intervention. And in terms of leadership trump the vote of confidence is actually absent.

70% of respondents — including a majority of Republicans — said that for the application of further blows the trump must obtain the approval of Congress. And the majority — 54% of survey participants say that their “worried” approach trump to the situation in Syria, while only 41% of respondents expressed confidence in him.

Finally, only 18% of respondents say that wish the civil war, the sides of which are the government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the “Islamic state” or ISIS (an organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and more moderate opposition forces, was attended by U.S. troops on the ground. Another 30% of respondents say they are not opposed to air strikes. But many of them believe that, of course, you must first obtain approval.

Such support participation of land forces only slightly higher than in 2013 when US authorities in recent times threatened to take action in response to alleged use of chemical weapons Assad. Then, according to the survey conducted by McClatchy-Marist, about the need to use ground troops spoke 13% of the respondents.

At that time, even such strikes as those trump ordered last week, have approved very few Americans, so the situation is not quite similar. And, as noted on Friday, our very own expert on public opinion Scott Clement (Clement Scott), actions like those that took trump last week often receive more support after the fact. President Obama never came up to strike on Syria, despite the fact that he said about the notorious “red line”.

But the latest survey also clearly indicates that the United States took a more active part in the unraveling of difficult circumstances in the middle East, is not particularly increased. 14 years later after the war in Iraq, the war weariness is still very tangible — in spite of the fact that a limited strike trump’s approval.

And especially unlikely that trump will go on and will go too far. Secretary Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) said on Sunday that a top priority for the White house in Syria remains the destruction of the “Islamic state”. And national security adviser Herbert McMaster (Herbert McMaster) said that although the administration now believes that Assad must go, it provides to solve this issue to others.

“It is very difficult to understand how while maintaining the Assad regime to achieve a political solution, said McMaster, speaking on the Sunday program on the Fox News channel. Now we’re not saying we’re the only ones who should affect these changes. We say that other countries should ask ourselves some hard questions.”

Apparently, it just corresponds to what is now the American people want. And, it seems, even when trump is doing what the Americans clearly support, they are not going for no reason to give him all the reins.