It is easy to guess: what Putin has done with the perpetrators of high-profile crimes in the Donbass

In Malaysia, whose plane Boeing flight MH-17 was shot down July 17, 2014 in the skies over the Donetsk region, hopefully by the end of this year to learn the names of the perpetrators of the Holocaust, which led to the deaths of 298 people, 43 of whom were citizens of Malaysia. The court, as previously decided involved in the investigation into the country must undergo in the Netherlands, according to Dutch legislation. About bringing the perpetrators of this terrible crime to justice — primarily Russians — “Apostrophe” said Russian journalist and publicist Leonid Radzikhovsky.

Involved in the crash of the downed Boeing is named after the investigative group is Bellingcat. I don’t think there will be any other names. Maybe some more extended list. But it is clear that they are called to be about the same. The question is not who will be named. The question is, how convincing will be the evidence. As I understand it, the fact that this is the “Buk” (from where the plane was shot down approx. ed.) is not grown by itself in the open field, and what brought him from Russia, then dragged back to Russia for a few years but no doubt no one cause.

So involved will be named. But Russia, of course, no one will be given. And abroad these people and themselves a long time ago to not go. I do not believe in these heart-rending details of the cheap detective, they get all killed: no they are not killed, they live. That will sit in Russia.

Russia does not recognize the results of this trial. This is the same case, Andrei Lugovoi — there is nothing to guess. A British court has sentenced Lugovoi for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Russia’s reaction: all lies, all nonsense, the fake trial, the judge corrupt. There was no response. Lugovoi, a state Duma Deputy. However, the Deputy is not allowed to leave. And what it portends for the top leadership of Russia, that is Putin? Again, the Lugovoi case: nothing. It is clear that Lugovoi polonium is not bought in a drugstore and went to poison Litvinenko. It’s easy to guess who can give such orders.

Similarly, it is easy to understand that these figures that were carrying “Buk”, not just going hunting. Probably the order they got from Putin personally. But, anyway, the guided missile system “Buk”, as I understand it, disposes of the General staff, Ministry of defence — this is not a hunting gun. What is the office ordered, of course, no Dutch investigation can not be established. But even if mounted and charged, say, to the chief of staff or [defense Minister Sergei] Shoigu, no reaction still would not follow.

A court in the Netherlands or somewhere else in the absence of the accused to conduct, of course, possible. Although it is rather strange the court: it’s one thing when tried in absentia one person, as in the case of meadow, and another when 10-12. Theoretically and this court can hold. But no consequences, either legal or factual, for these people will not be in Russia and outside of Russia they do not go. It is difficult to judge whether any sanctions after Russia refused to extradite the perpetrators. Holland is theoretically possible new sanctions to impose. The Dutch, like all Europeans — people are prudent, practical. I don’t think they would accommodate the downed Boeing, say, trade with Russia. But it all depends on what will be there reaction.

Anyone Russia will never give — no doubt here. The difference between Russia and Libya, which is accused in the attack over Lockerbie (plane crash December 21, 1988 in the sky in Scotland, in the terrorist attack killed 270 people — 259 on Board and 11 on the ground. Only after many years the head of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi agreed to extradite the perpetrators of the attack, approx. ed.), who were convicted of their officials is very simple. Libya is a relatively small country without nuclear weapons that do not have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, which Russia could block any resolution aimed against it. Libya did not conduct such a large trade and it especially nobody depended. Under Putin, no Russia does not recognize and will not take. After Putin — I also very much doubt it.

Let’s take another precedent. Russia [the USSR] is known to have shot down passenger plane Korean passenger Boeing in 1983. While Moscow did not hide the fact that she was hit, no apology South Korea was not followed, neither of which the punishment of speech could not be. And that someone broke with Russia diplomatic relations, imposed any sanctions? Noise and calmed down. And the President [of the United States Ronald] Reagan (after all, most of the passengers were Americans) in three or four years after the downed Boeing, he arrived in Moscow, hugged-kissed and Gorbachev did not mention about this with Boeing.

So I would not exaggerate the reaction of the world community. Putin has long been completely deionized in the West, a figure, which almost compare with Hitler, rasprekrasno way to meet and interact.