How many Ukrainians will cost the winter supplies: grocery set has risen in price by 25%

The end of August-beginning of September — it’s time to make stocks for the winter. Saving dual — cheaper (especially if you buy vegetables and root vegetables in the wholesale markets) and do not need to spend time on weekly hikes for a couple of kg of potatoes and money if you go shopping by car. But have savings and the reverse side: how to keep purchased, if there is no cellar.


The survey showed “Today”, today the price of wholesale markets in 1,5—2 times lower than in retail markets, especially in supermarkets. So, having spent now a couple of thousand hryvnia, during the winter can save as much, if not more. However, the prices of vegetables bite today: cabbage, beets, carrots, onions for the year rose by about half. Potatoes are relatively cheaper, but also added to the price of 1-1,5 UAH per kilogram. But the tomatoes fell by almost half due to a good harvest — select can be bought at 5-5,5 UAH/kg, and the “juice” — even at 3.5—4. Virtually unchanged for the year, the price of flour, and even sugar rose symbolic 50-70 UAH/kg.

But to ensure a family of three with enough food for 6-7 months need to be spent for the purchase of the same amount supplies 25% more than a year ago (see infographic). According to the calculations of “Today”, the money it will cost 2860 UAH or UAH 560 more than a year ago.


Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko advises to buy vegetables and root crops now while prices are low. “Go down even more in September can except potatoes and cabbage, and not the fact, as it is unclear what will be their harvest. Beets, carrots in October, will gradually begin to rise, and to the new season, the price will increase by 20% from the current only at the expense of storage costs,” analyses Doroshenko. At the same time, according to the expert, while it is necessary to postpone the procurement of sugar and that it is not possible to buy it 2-3 UAH below market prices from farmers (who receive sugar in exchange for surrendered to the refineries beets, then sell in the markets), then take the “sand” for the future is not worth, because prices are almost the world. One analyst informkompanii Dmytro Lutsyk predicts rise in price of flour: “In harvest time grain prices are usually lower, but this year they even increased slightly. The fall of prices will be even higher and will slowly rise until the end of the year, says Lutsyk. — So, due to the increase in grain prices in neighboring countries, our ton of wheat of 3rd class — 300 UAH — 4500 UAH. Which flour prices will increase by about 10% (70-80 UAH/kg)”.


Expert of agricultural markets Fedor Fishermen advises those who have no cellars, to invest in conservation banks with tomatoes, zucchini can be stored even in the pantry. And the price for them will be twice lower than in the store. Thrifty Housewives learned how to store vegetables without cellar, immediately turning them into salad soup. “I roll my cans vegetables for the basics on borscheva set, told us Raisa Nikitchenko. — This is very beneficial, not only for themselves, as it is not the first to sell such products for regular customers”.


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Good help for the family budget can be a cottage. Provided that the plant that is expensive: it’s the berries and cucumbers and tomatoes. “We have 6 acres, but we squeeze them to the max, told us a pensioner Ekaterina Burliuk. — Despite the poor harvest this year, stone fruits, we’ve cooked about 20 liters of jam from the berries, froze 60 l of fresh berries, canned 120 l cucumbers, tomatoes, and tomato juice. Enough for themselves and children. Figuring how much to buy this in the market or in the shop, even taking into account the cost of fertilizer, sugar, salt, etc., as well as for fuel for the car, we were in positive territory by about 2000 UAH. Plus organic food.”

And here the inhabitant of Kiev Sergey Dmitruk for the second year in a row saves the Internet: “network of thousands of ads from farmers and wholesalers. If you take the gross — 40 kg, it is also delivered directly to the apartment. Convenient — picked, paid or card, or cash to go anywhere do not need. However, there is a risk of running into scams”.