Russia has established five divisions to “scare” NATO

In response to the build-up of NATO forces on the Eastern flank of the Alliance Russia formed five new divisions. This was stated by the head of the state Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov at the meeting with accredited in Moscow, military attaches of foreign countries.

“To maintain combat capabilities of Ground forces have completed the formation of four infantry and one tank division. This is a direct response to the challenges and threats related to the course of NATO to increase its presence on the Eastern flank of the block,” – said the Shaman.

He also noted that an important role in ensuring the security of the state is given the General purpose forces.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the deployment in Eastern Europe of NATO forces is balanced and defensive in nature, so the number of forces in the region will not be commensurate with the forces that Russia deploys.