Workbooks: whether they are students, and whether the right of teachers to demand their presence

On the eve of the new school year, many parents received a voluntary-compulsory recommendations for the purchase of notebooks for different subjects, you start to look in the direction of the shelves with the September festive mood had embraced the fairs and to inquire the price of such additional materials.

Opinions about their purchase is often not the same among the participants of the process. Some believe that without them it is impossible to work productively: for first graders is the ability to color, cut and fill until it formed the writing skills and older children they replace the absence of the applied component of the lesson. Others consider them a waste of money, citing the fact that the houses are these notebooks from previous years, which covered several pages.

“Today” has learned from parents, teachers and publishers, they see the benefits that they bring benefit and was not just a scheme to raise money.


Parents and teachers, as properly unhappy if notebook recommend buying too strongly, because it costs lots of money. Moreover, the feasibility of such a purchase often leaves much to be desired: sometimes during the year it covered just a couple pages, and sometimes children are overwhelmed, and filling notebooks homework.

“Notebook on the basics of health for the 7th grade bought at a price of about UAH 20, in preparation for the school year. Threw out completely clean! And this is not the first time” — says the mother and teacher of the Kyiv school Tatyana Litvinenko.

“When you have a notebook, life safety, geography, chemistry, English/French, biology, all on one day, and even the outline, contour maps, read the paragraph and answer the questions, and even sports clubs, extra English classes, I prefer to give the child at least an hour to rest. And fill the notebook itself,” — said from Kiev Alena Parfenova.

THE PRICE ISSUE. Basically, according to parents, is recommended to buy 5 to 10 books. It takes from 200 to 1500 UAH. “On a normal notebook is gone 300-400 UAH, in english flyhigh — about 500 UAH. We bought a full set, and scribbled in each notebook 50-80%,” says the father of 6-klassnitsa one of Kiev schools Maxim Kachaev.

Another mother, Julia Muratovska (Kyiv), said that he gave workbooks 1300 UAH, and Zinaida Vinnichenko (also Kiev) is kept within 300 UAH. With particular emotions parents Express about workbook reading/literature.

“I laughed when I found out that this notebook have to buy. For me, the notebook reading notebook is equal to PE, and just as meaningless. But we were convinced to buy them — arguing that these notebooks are a kind of preparation for EIT,” says the father of the Dnieper Schoolgirls Igor Bojchenko.

AT WHOSE EXPENSE.Causing issues and payment of additional material. “As a mother, I do not mind buying the workbooks. But as a taxpayer I have a right to hear how reasonable this use of my money. Only one teacher of my children, they have three, on their own initiative tried to explain to the parents at the meeting the benefits of notebooks,” — says Natalya Slobodyanyuk from Zhitomir.


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Teachers say that some notebooks is a great tool for gaining extra knowledge, especially if the books leave much to be desired. “In English class without a notebook to work very hard, because in the stationary textbooks almost all tasks for oral work. Last year my students had filled her completely,” — says the teacher of SCHOOL №2 city of Alexandria Lyudmila eagle. Praise teachers laboratory/practical notebook of chemistry, physics, geography, etc.

FOR YOURSELF. There are teachers who try to enrich a lesson and not to cause depletion of the pockets of parents: they first buy a copy myself for review. “I am interested in working with notebooks, sometimes I buy myself one copy. Treat it as a creative work of their colleagues. I see no need to constantly use the lessons”, — the Director of the school No. 5 of the Pechersk district of Kiev Svetlana oleksyuk.

Olga Miroshnikov said that he often buys workbooks only to himself: “Notebook allows you to create certain skills, tasks for which textbooks are not available. Sometimes the notebook is printed is composed of more sensibly than textbook. Because teachers are not able to choose the textbook: what is sent, with such work.”

OTHER WAYS. Some experts believe that without these tools there are ways to practice the material. “For example, there are reusable cards with tasks and a printer at the worst, explains his point of view Vic Leo from Donetsk region. — Additionally, I have many difficult tasks to give, and on the Board only three tasks can be simultaneously solved. Scarce training manual and one-sided pattern is not good, versatile approach with these notebooks is not possible.”

With this view, many experts disagree — there are notebooks with different levels of jobs, and the kids enjoy working with them. In addition, the card can be used episodically, but the materials printed on the printer, the reviews and all are bad. “Where can I get the printer and paper? Who will fill and repair it? And the time on it! Printout 1 sheet is 1-2 UAH. Therefore, this workbook is even more advantageous from the point of view of economy”, — said the school authorities.


Guidelines to the updated programs (the order of MES №1009 from 19.08.2016 years) prohibit overloading of children (especially in grades 1-4) work in the notebooks printed basis. So buy them or not to buy — the exclusive right of parents. But if you decide that you need, it is better to make orders on their own: to search for points or to cooperate and to buy directly from publishers. “We ordered a notebook for yourself with the delivery. The difference with the price in the school was 80 UAH per person. And it’s not even the manufacturer, and Petrovka (book market in Kiev. — Ed.)”, — says the inhabitant of Kiev Tatyana Voloshin.

The publishers say that they are interested in quality. “We work with the most interesting and popular authors, every year, I try update products, — says General Director of the Kharkov publishing house “Ranok” Victor Kruglov. — Basically 1 copy of the workbook is 10-30 grn. The biggest draws we have in English and mathematics, the smallest — focused, for example, workbooks for left-handers”.

Cooperation. Orders through school are often cheaper. Photo: Fb/T. Voloshin