How to get rid of circles under eyes: the TOP 7 effective ways

Stress, computer work, bad and poor-quality sleep can not only harm health, but can also manifest as dark circles under the eyes.

The reasons of bags under the eyes can be from lack of sleep and poor eating habits to genetics, allergies, computer work, various diseases and even the weather.

How to get rid of circles under the eyes, knows the “New era” and refers to seven effective ways to counter them.

1. Replace coffee with green tea

Especially if you used to drink several cups of coffee a day. Good and restful sleep is the main way to combat under eye circles. Usually after a few cups of coffee we find it hard to sleep. But green tea also contains caffeine, will not interfere with you sleep. In addition, green tea has antioxidants, which protect against premature aging.

2. Eat more greens

Vegetables that are rich in iron (e.g. spinach and broccoli), effective in dealing with dark circles as promote better circulation. The purple hue that you notice under your eyes, it’s just the blood vessels under the skin. Since the skin in this area is thinner they are more noticeable than in other parts of your body. The better the blood flows, the less pronounced the circles under the eyes.

3. Install the app for tracking water intake

On the appearance of the bag and under eye circles is affected by dehydration. Trying to save water reserves, the body puts fluid in particular, and under the eyes. Drink plenty of water to feel good and to avoid under eye circles. To track the fluid allowance, download an application that will help you with this.

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4. Sleep on your back

And put an extra pillow under the neck. When during sleep the head is raised slightly under the eyes does not accumulate liquid, investigative and not having bags and circles. In addition, this situation prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Make a mask out of parsley

Parsley contain useful for skin vitamins C and K. Take a spoonful of finely chopped parsley, mash it, add a few drops of hot water, distribute the weight of the bags of gauze and put on the eyes.

6. Apply to the eye area sunscreen

To improve the condition of the skin under the eyes during sleep, it is helpful to use a nourishing night cream. But to protect the skin need during the day. To external factors affecting the skin under the eyes and there were dark circles lubricate the area around the eyes sunscreen.

7. Put on eye cold compresses

To reduce puffiness under the eyes, apply cold compresses. It can be ice bags, chilled spoons, slices of cucumber or potatoes.