How to safely, legally, and for free unblock sites and social networks

If you use regular, the connections Your device is still accessible from the outside. It can at any time to attack the hackers, and all network traffic is easy to control — it can make Your ISP or public service. The Internet connection can be restricted by providers or corporate firewalls settings. This creates additional inconvenience that interfere with comfortable work in the network. For example, the network administrator of Your company may block access to some websites. Or providers at the discretion of management to close the access to any resource.

Is it possible to Solve these problems safely and legally? The easiest way available to everyone to use encryption technology VPN. .

The VPN network is created “on top” of the Internet, repeatedly raising a secure connection.

Among the many vpn services, we have identified the most simple and reliable – Vpn True

VPN TRUE — the implementation of virtual networks with a high degree of reliability and security.

Free download on Play Market for Android devices and for IPhone Apstore. To download the VPN just write TRUE in the app store of your smartphone.

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